Hamburgers topped with Yogurt


Yogurt Hamburgers


I started this set of hamburgers off with Zarda Steak Rub and American Stockyard Hamburger Seasoning.  I am using that as a base to season hamburgers.

Then I moved on to Stubb’s Liquid Smoke and Dale’s Original Seasoning. That adds a serious beef flavor to the mix.  Then I got the Philadelphia Cheese out. Its a little hard to get the Philadelphia Cheese mixed into the meat you have to break it apart with your hands and them mix it into the meat.

Then it was time for the Chipolte Peppers. Roasted Jalapeno’s the veins are still on the walls of the peppers.  It makes them hot really hot.  I spattered a little on my cheeks it was just a dot but it burned.

Mix it by rotating the meat around watch the video. Once the meat is completely mixed well with the ingredients.  I threw in some pulled pork that I chopped up.  If you can drive that flavor into pulled pork or brisket, that flavor will make other dishes really good.

I used beer can chicken well seasoned makes some great chicken and dumplings it sets it off.  

Then I cooked them till done. I got some hamburger that had some fat in it. It ran some of the seasoning out but it made it real moist.  I cut up a pineapple heart up to top the hamburgers.

The idea is to cool down the heat in the hamburgers.  It really worked good.  I thought I was adding sour cream but as it turns out it was vanilla yogurt.  It was really good.  The heat of the Chipolte against the Yogurt was  so good.  It was like the top of the hamburger was a delight and the hamburger was the devil in the details.  It was so good.  They were so good I shouldn’t have eaten two but later I ate another one. 

I thought it was sour cream I would have never tried it but I just opened a whole market. Hamburgers are salty and need to be hot, spicy, and moist mostly done in the middle.  It like you get the heat in the meat and have a dairy product there to cool it off. Its a perfect marriage.  Seasoning meat extensively is the most awesome way to make a Hamburger.  

Cook your ingredients down and put them in the meat.  Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, anything you want.  Philadelphia Cream Cheese, cheese you got to watch out for it can burn, it can melt and run out.  

Rethink about ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise as the primary toppings. Big Bob Gibson’s Red Sauce is great.  Ole Ray’s Steak and Brisket is the best hamburger topping ever made. 

Salsa of all different kinds are great to mix with your meat.  It makes it fall apart easy and it cooks faster.  They will burn fast you have to keep a close eye on them.

Gas grills The Smoke Mat is a must.  It has changed the ease at which I grill completely.  It is so cool to cook eggs on the grill and the eggs just come off with ease.  I love grill mats and will use them forever.