Wood Fired Oven

More and more people are getting back into enjoying the outdoors, and with summer in full swing, backyard cookery is adding to the experience.

Nothing beats the taste of cooking or baking with wood-fired flame. Wood-fire ovens are visceral, fun, and theatrical. They cook in a way your stove and barbecue can only dream about, and involve your guests and family in the cooking process. Everyone can partake in making their own “perfect pizza” to be cooked and enjoyed right in the backyard.

Blackstone Pizza Oven

Visceral Flames
The concept of a wood-fire oven is a simple and proven technology from a bygone era. Clay and concrete materials form an oven chamber, retaining heat from a wood-based fire. The base of the chamber is flat and level, working both as the floor for the fire, and the cooking surface.

There are many different styles of wood-fire ovens – below I cover a simple build you can make without mortar!

Source: Fix.com Blog