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BBQ Cooking Expert Lance Moore

Email Address lmoore@westtexaspitmasters.com

West Texas Pit Masters
Lance Moore is a computer genius and a BBQ Champion. Lance was able to make it into the finals in the Pan Handle Championship.  He vends and caters as a full time job now. He cooks for 500 people every time you turn around. He also has massive Wifi on his BBQ Trailer with as many as 50 camera’s.  He is going to start a show on Sunday Night at 8pm Est on Blogtalkradio.  Lance is going to start a live feed television show on his website that we will also broadcast here!.  Lance has his own sauces and rubs on his website. Hit the link above and buy all you want. 

Lance has a new vending trailer he won on a Television Show that hasn’t aired yet. He used it to make a living now.  He has sold a lot of food since he took the highways selling BBQ all over West Texas!  Lance is dedicated to BBQ Competition and is competing almost every week. We expect him to be in Lubbock Texas for the Breast Fest.  He will be in Hobbs New Mexico for the breast fest. 

Lance is going to start a live television show cooking BBQ live in his trailer. He is going to show how to cook all sorts of BBQ every Sunday Night at 8pm Est on this page. Tune in and we’ll go live on Sundays!

West Texas Pit Masters