Weber Gas Grills

Weber Gas Grills

Weber Gas Grills

Weber grills was made by a man returning from war. He took a buoy cut it in half and the Weber grill was born. It may be responsible for the back yard explosion of grills in the 70’s.  Weber has a name for Quality. A Weber has always held temperature good and cooked good food. Weber is now in the gas grill market and that quality has only grown! BBQSuperStars endorse Weber Grills they are used on the competition circuit.

Weber Grills
Offset Smoking can be accomplished on a Weber Smoker or Web Gas Grill. Just pu the charcoal on one side and put the meat on the other as in the picture then position the top over the outlet over the meat. On a gas grill position the meat to the front or the back and only light one side of the gas grill. 300 F is the temp to maintain for any large piece of meat including Ribs.

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Born from a buoy.

In 1952 George Stephen Sr. was working at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois, manufacturing marine buoys when he came up with an idea for a better grill. His invention: a dome-shaped grill with a lid to protect food from the elements, while sealing in that only-from-the-grill barbecue flavor.

George Stephen cut a buoy in half, added some air vents and legs and, in the process, invented the grill that would spark a backyard revolution.

Original Grill

George Stephen, Sr.The man behind the kettle, George Stephen. Grill master, inventor, and father of 12. His love of barbecue was almost as big as his love of life.

Weber Stories

The Birth of American Grilling

After World War II, our heroes of the free world came home asking very little in return for their bravery: a bungalow with a small backyard… more

George’s idea of “covered cooking” caught on like wildfire.

It caught people’s attention with its unusual shape.

And it became part of the American fabric.


1952 Weber Kettle created
1956 George redesigns the kettle to look more like today’s iconic shape
1959 Weber Brothers Metal Works acquired by George Stephen

Weber’s First AdTopper, the Weber “covered cooking” mascot from the early days.