Water Smokers

Water Smokers


Water Cookers have won more contest collectively than any other smoker that has ever been built. Its true, Backwoods dominated the Memphis in May circuit back when BBQ Competition first started.  Myron Mixon came out with his own version to cook on soon after he started. Chris Lilly has his own version of a water cooker. Melissa Cookson has Backwoods Smokers at Memphis in May every year.

Memphis in May is dominated by Backwoods Smokers because cooking whole hog on a Backwoods is a big winner.  Myron Mixon has always cooked whole hogs and he has won more contest than any other person in the Histoy of the sport right now standing at 230 wins. That will never be repeated.

Souther Q Smokers has come out with there version of a Water Cooker. Half the teams in Georgia are cooking on a Southern Q Smokers and Southern Q Smokers win more than half the contest in Georgia.  That is saying a lot. Offsets are good too!

What is the magic behind a water cooker?

  • The water pan is directly over the fire.  You can add a pan of water into any cooker. Offsets can be filled with water below the reflector plate but the fire isn’t right below the water. When you put a pot on the stove you put it right onto the fire, heat source to get the results you want. Ugly Drum Smokers are set up to put water right over the fire.
  • The water pan is self filling.  Consistent levels of water keeps the water vapor level in the cooker the same. Human error on the other cookers comes into play.  Most other cookers people have no interest in putting water into the cooker they say they don’t need it.
  • Its a sealed system.  Water cookers are set up to vaporize water into the chamber and only have one outlet the smoke stack.  Offsets many times will leak all over.  Water Cookers are especially sealed to keep the moisture in.
  • Atmospheric Differences created by the sealed system and the water vapor being there.  There has to be a certain amount of pressure formed by water vapor filling the cooking chamber and only having one vent. Pressurized cooking makes meat cook better.
  • Low and Slow, many people say 250 is about all your can do on a water cooker.  Myron Mixon has alway cooked Hot and Fast. He comes out to a contest at 4am on Saturday and wins by 5pm on Saturday so that is not true.
  • The proof is in the results. Water Cookers just win!

Look at thais resume:



 Water Smokers, Water Smokers, Water Smokers

Water Smokers


Water smokers are vertical that is true.  Start with the fire at the bottom. Water Pan next then the meat your cooking then the vent at the top.Water Smokers

Backwoods uses a different system to get the heat to the top. Its a reverse flow system if you will. If you look where the pan is the smoke has to go up the walls and then down into the chamber to reach the meat. You can get an upgrade where you can hook a hose directly to the cooker and it will automatically fill up to a certain level.Water Smokers Myorn Mixon Smokers and Southern Q Smokers are the same way. Ease of control and consistent levels of water make the system a huge winner.

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