When is meat ready?

When is food ready? Every cut and type of meat has an FDA Target Temperature.  When the target temperature is reached you can put it in a Cambro to finish the cooking process if you at a BBQ Competition and your trying to reach a certain consistency. If your not then making sure the meat is functionally done as well as the right temperature. Chicken will finish cooking in a Cambro really well. Get it up to 175 F and then let it rest in the Cambro. Steak can be cooked 2 minutes on each side and as long as it reaches 130 F its done. Not in my book.  Steak aught to baked at 300 F for at least and hour and then seared on the grill. Really 3 hours is good wrapped in azue. Then seared. Brisket I’ve done at least 10 video’s wrapping a Brisket for 4 hours at 300 F to a temperature of 200 F – 210 F then resting in a Cambro. Boston Butts to 195 F wrapped for 4 hours then rest in a Cambro. Ribs cook for 2 hours unwrapped, 2 hours wrapped then let rest in the Cambro. You need to wrap your BBQ. Its not done until its done through and through it taste better, it will detach from the bone.

Smoking Times and Temperature

Smoking Times and Temperature by MyBestSmoker

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