United States of Barbecue

The United States of Barbecue


Barbecue — a food, a craft and a way of life — is as American as blue jeans and baseball. It’s so loved, that we can’t decide on a name for it. BBQ, barbecue, Bar-B-Que, smokehouse, barbie, the hog — whatever you want to call it — makes your mouth water by simply reading the word or seeing a photo of a plate stacked with perfectly cooked meats, covered in tangy sauce and complemented with sides.


This style of food is quintessential to being an American and can be found from road side dives to high-end restaurants all across the country. It’s arguably one of the best foods out there, but you’ll never find two pitmasters with the same style. From the “barbecue belt” of the South, to notorious Kansas City BBQ, to hipster smokehouses in Portland, no two joints are exactly alike. With endless options to choose from, how does one even know where to start?


To help you taste your way through the best barbecue restaurants in America, CarRentals put together their guide on making a BBQ road trip across America. Divided by region, you can drive from state to state or coast to coast on the ultimate quest for barbecue. 



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