Tips And Tricks To Spice Up Your Campfire Barbecue

Tips And Tricks To Spice Up Your Campfire Barbecue

Over 40 million people embark on a camping trip of some type every year. Whether that involves pitching a tent or touring the country in an RV, they’ve all got to eat. Pulling out the grill or starting the campfire is part of the old-fashioned camping fun, but no one wants the same tired meal every time. Get creative and use a little imagination to add a new, fun twist to barbecue campfire dishes for a memorable meal.

Pull out the spices

Consider adding spices to the dish to create a new, exciting level to existing dishes. Experiment with star anise, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom for a touch of zest to pork or beef. Simply brush the meat with the spice before adding the barbecue sauce, or marinade meat in a mixture of spices throughout the day. Get creative in considering other spices that add zest to your campfire meal, such as onion, cracked pepper, cloves, or red pepper flakes. Create meals or even trail jerky with personal spice combination favorites.

Using spice like a pro

The best way to use spice is to try it at home first. Red pepper flakes will add an extra kick to barbecued food, but it is too strong for some people. Onion powder adds a bittersweet taste, but some people prefer to add fresh sweet onions to foods such as barbecue burgers. The talent necessary to create enticing meals begins with a bit of experimentation. Read recipes and try out a few before heading to camp to find barbecue favorites. The secret to using spice is to start with a small amount, then adjust to taste. 

Spice that travels with you

It is typically safe to transfer a small amount of spice into a separate container for camping purposes. However, using zip-top bags or plastic wrap for spices such as salt and pepper will help eliminate spills. Store the stash away from the campfire, as heat makes some spices less potent. If possible, season meats before bringing them to the campsite; otherwise, bringing a small amount for each meal is fine. 

Camping is one of America’s favorite past times. There is always a place to go for simple outdoor fun, whether with a tent or at a glamping campground. Bringing along the spice adds an extra kick to whatever is being roasted over the campfire.


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