Smart Barbecue Tips for RV Newbies

Smart Barbecue Tips for RV Newbies

Grilling and summertime go hand in hand, especially when it comes to camping. Whether you’re carnivorous or a vegetarian, a good grilling session is a must during camping trip. When you have an RV, grilling takes on a whole new dimension. You now have more options for food prep and more ways to enjoy your barbecue time than ever before. However, grilling when you’re in an RV isn’t the same as a typical backyard grill. Here’s how to make sure that the grilling sessions you have are as delicious as possible when you first set out on your RV journey. 

Temperature Is Everything

It’s no secret that temperature will make or break the way your barbecue comes out. It’s a fact that’s even mentioned on television shows dedicated to the art of grilling. The issue most RV owners have isn’t getting heat; it’s getting even heat. Unevenly heated food can reduce flavour, or even cause food poisoning to take hold. Since propane doesn’t always give even temperature, investing in grilling thermometers or learning about the kind of grilling equipment your RV has can help you maintain a better level of heat. 

Stock Up On Tools 

The best thing about owning an RV is the fact that you get to enjoy more space, more power, and more tools when you grill. This means that you can bring the comforts of a home kitchen into your grilling session. So, go ahead and grab that blender. Get the same tools you use at home for your journey on the road. After all, if you’re going to be making your own special BBQ sauce, you might as well have the same equipment that you’ve relied on for years to keep that authentic taste intact. 

Though there’s definitely extra space available in an RV, there’s still only so much space you can fit your gear into. That’s why it’s a wise idea to seek out tools that are easy to store. Things like nesting bowls, super-thin cutting boards, small knife sets, and compact spice racks can make a huge change in how well your grilling session goes. 

Make It An Experience

As many BBQ aficionados can tell you, these RV-friendly tips won’t do much good if you’re not actually enjoying your time making food. The most important thing about any grilling session isn’t always the food; it’s the fun and the people who are enjoying it. So, make a point of turning dinner time into bonding time while you’re discovering the world around you. That’s what grilling is all about. 

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