Rub your Boston Butt

New Method of Rubbing your Boston Butt on BBQSuperStars.

  1. Start off with a mixture of Garlic, Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper, I love this but instead of doing the work to create this 3 seasoning combination, Get It’s Incredible because it has a buttery flavor to go with it! It takes it to the next level. They are not paying me to say this I just tried it and was blown away.
  2. Coat your Butts down with Mustard.  That coat of Mustard will create the most beautiful color you have ever seen on a Butt. Put plenty on it. Make sure its over top of the It’s Incredible.
  3. Start with the rubs.  #1 pork rub in the World is Big T Swine Grind, That should always be your base rub when you start with that layer! Coat the Butt good. You can’t get enough on there.  Don’t worry about seeing the meat because when this thing starts cooking its going to take a lot to cook it.
  4. Second Coat has got to be Sucklebusters Texas Pecan Rub. OMG it just sets that flavor off!  Put plenty of it on your Butt it eats flavor and makes them disappear.
  5. Third finish it off with Butcher Honey.  This just counters some of the salt, pecan, big flavors coming through.
  6. Then put it in the Smoker at 300 F.  Butts in Competition cook 6 hours at 300 F, Wrap 275 F 4 hours check internal temperature to 185 F for medallions and carved pieces, 195 for pulled. Pull burp your Butts 15 minutes, put in the cambro for 30 minutes, take out sauce put in the smoker 250 F 5 minutes then take out and Box them for competition. steve:steve123 NO

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