Resting vs Carry Over Cooking

Resting vs Carry Over Cooking

Carry over cooking can only be done in a food holding device. Cambro is the #1 food holding devices in the world.  Carry over cooking is the art of reflecting heat back at the meat.  When you look at the chamber of a holding device the heat coming out of the meat can’t escape.  It fills the chamber and an equal liberalization will occur where the meat will have the same temperature as the chamber.  The heat will move into the center of the meat and cook the rest of the piece.  The meat goes into protection mode while cooking most of the fluid will move to the outside edge of the meat.

When the official heat force is gone the meat will go out of protection mode and the liquid will diffuse through out the meat.  That will finish the cooking process.  

Resting there is no reflection.  You may get a little run back through out the meat but it will not finish cooking.  Resting meat helps but the energy in the meat just moves out of the meat and into the atmosphere and its gone.  

Resting a steak is good but putting it in a Cambro is better.  That is carry over cooking in a Cambro.

Chicken is a real different story.  I would not cook chicken without a holding device.  Chicken is almost impossible to get done without carry over cooking.  The only negative affect of carry over cooking is the inside of the chicken can lose some of its flavor.  The inside flavor can get juiced down and dilute your flavoring agent.

Resting is different than carry over cooking I acknowledge that.  Instead of putting you meat on the counter to rest. Get a place to put a Cambro in the kitchen. 

Resting vs Carry Over Cooking



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