Nothing Beats Smoked Meat and a Glass of Beer

Nothing Beats Smoked Meat and a Glass of Beer

There are very few things that come close to providing us with the same level of enjoyment as eating a piece of home cooked smoked meat and washing it down with a tall, chilled glass of beer. It is nothing short of solid evidence emphasizing that what matters most in life are the little things.


Granted, food is not everything, and there are some who might not even be convinced that beer is a good match for smoked meat; yet, this article begs to differ. In fact, you will get to see that in this argument, even science is on our side.

Ladies and Gentlemen, wear your aprons.

The Process

Even before they meet at the dinner table, beer and barbecued meat prove to be cupid’s most successful shot. There is just so much in common between the two.

If you have basic knowledge of the principles of smoking meat, then you probably know that smoking is a long process that can never be rushed. It is what gives meat its flavor, color and quality.

Beer is no different. The fermentation process takes time and rushing it will only ruin the taste of the final product. Like meat, the fermentation process of beer determines the alcoholic content of the beer, its flavor and texture.

Anyone with a bit of appreciation for culinary arts would find an instant connection between the two extremely lengthy but worthwhile preparation processes.

The Reputation

Nothing says all-American like barbecued meats; ribs, steak, brisket, pulled pork and the list goes on. If in doubt, try to recall what you ate on the last fourth of July. Now, guess what happens to be America’s favorite drink? Yeah, you’re correct It’s beer.

When people think about winding down after a long week, they think of relaxing on a couch with a beer in hand, watching television. While barbecue is regarded as comfort food. So, as you can see, both items are associated in a person’s mind with comfort and relaxation; incorporating them together wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

The Science

Other than the fact that beer keeps your mouth wet throughout a large meal and that drinking beer has proven to be a booster of sexual activity, science seems to be heavily backing up the relationship between beer and meat.

Several researches show that the fats within the meat tend to dissolve in alcohol so, not only can beer offer a balance between the savory flavor of your meat and its own tangy, slightly sweet flavor, but also it works as an ingredient for a marinade. Mostly due to the fact that it tenderizes the meat and makes it juicier in the process.

Dinner is served

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