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What are BBQSuperStars thoughts on The NBBQA?


The National BBQ Association is suppose to be a school to teach people how to run a BBQ Restaurant, Catering Business, Vending BBQ.  It is suppose to be a source of strength for promoting the art of selling BBQ in the name of people like Black’s BBQ.

It was handled great by its founders when they were alive and gave life to KCBS.  KCBS is run by a bunch of ruff trash, selling contest results to the highest bidder and willing to use a BBQ Contest for all the money they can get out of it as an organization. Destroying the integrity of The Jack Daniel’s, Houston Live Stock Show, and The American Royal.  Well, like people became president of the NBBQA.

They have a rigged contest at the NBBQA every year with the politics of the winner being rubbed in everyone faces as to the loss of any integrity of KCBS or BBQ Contest in general. There are plenty of legit sanctioning bodies out there.  IBCA, BCA, SCBA, have not been invaded and corrupted or destroyed by KCBS.  

NBBAQ has been informed of KCBS problems but the president at that time said, “We have worked a long time to cement our relationship with KCBS.”  What they were saying was KCBS gave us money.  Money from dirty hands.  

NBBQA needs to stop trying to be a promotional company and become a school again.  Don’t connect with the dog and pony show of rigged contest and contest results for hire get back to sauces, products, and “How to run a BBQ Restaurant.”  

The board at NBBQA used to mean something. Now its a list of self promoters trying to cash in on what ever publicity they can get out of it.  In the end meaning nothing.  

Kell Phelps is the only hope for NBBQA.  He needs to be appointed as President for the next 10 years till the trash can be run out of the organization.  When his dad had it, it was going the right direction.  Kell Phelps has the most integrity of anyone in BBQ. 


That is BBQSuperStars thoughts on NBBQA



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