Myth Busting

People out there spends a lot of time supposedly busting myths.  If you the think about the psychology of that statement it means that his site knows the real answers and all the rest of us are guessing.  

That is ridiculous.  I’d rather spend my time looking for and demonstrating the real answers.  Some of those myths as they are called are truth and the answers being offered are wrong.

I got no reason to call people stupid by saying their rules of cooking BBQ are myths.  Truth is it must work for someone or it wouldn’t have been practiced or worried about.

Here is the myth. Someone saying they know the real deal and what others know about is a myth. Is a myth. Get out experience BBQ. Come on over to BBQSuperStars where we have a Cooking Channel, Competition Channel, Shopping Network Channel, 1200 pages of information on where we show you the whole thing.  We will experiment with you and allow you to have input and call us when you need us.

That is no myth.  What he’s talking about probably is!

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