IGrill The Best Apps for the Perfect BBQ

The Best Apps for the Perfect BBQ


You can almost do everything with your smartphone including having perfect barbecue day with friends and family. With the right apps on your phone, you can have Barbecue Day anytime and anywhere you want. Here is a list of Barbecue Apps that certainly make a prefect barbecue feast.


Omaha steaks steak time app


This amazing Steak grilling app from Omaha allows you to keep track of your steak while with a group or even with your significant other. It allows you to keep track of time for desired doneness according to cuts and thickness of your steaks. It also tells when to flip, which is the secret of a perfect grilled steak. But, steak timer doesn’t limit itself with all meat stuff but also sets timer to grill veggies, fish or fowl. If the name Omaha steak rings a bell, it’s for perfect steak, and Omaha’s steak time app allows you to have perfect steak even without Omaha’s famous steaks. It used to be an iPhone exclusive but it’s now available for Android and for iPad, too. Since you’re with a steak timer, you can engaged your barbecue company for a game of blackjack at casinojuggler.com and let the perfect steak be part of the prize of the day.


 I Grill 2


Pit pal app


If you’re a great fan of Pit Barbecue, then don’t let go of this app as this calls for real low-slow and wood smoked grilling. This app tells you the science of Pit grilling and let you know more about Pit descriptions, wood type, charcoal, temperature, weather and locations. If you’re a caterer or restaurant owner, Pit Pal is a perfect app to help you with your goal of serving consistent BBQ for backyard feast and perfect on-site BBQ settings. It’s an all-inclusive app available on mobile Androids.


On the grill app (Weber’s)


Foremost, the hundreds of recipes make it a grilling app superstar. Each is exceptionally good and delicious. There’s also the grocery list that makes finding ingredient so easy and ready-made for you at the checklist. Weber’s On the Grill app also has a sharing feature that enables users to send recipes through emails. It has how-to-videos to help grillers do barbecue and grilling stuff perfectly like lightning charcoal fire, time feature for flipping over and trimming a brisket. It’s really a great help for a perfect BBQ party or for plain BBQ for lunch or dinner plates.

 I grill



iGrill app and device


Want a perfect BBQ every time? iGrill will allow you once you pop in the probes into your meat and launch the app. Once your food has reached your desired temperature (doneness such as medium, rare or well-done), you’ll get notified by your mobile device. That’s how easy it is to have perfect BBQ every time you want it. iGrill is a cool BBQ app for those who don’t care much about the art on food and cooking. It’s the quickest time for a plate of perfect BBQ when you’re too engaged with your favorite mobile games.


Grill it app


Another star for its numerous mouthwatering grill recipes including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veggies and seafood. You can start with appetizers then the side dishes and of course the main dish, a perfect BBQ.  Grill It app surely helps first time grillers not to turn meat patties into charred meatballs or the steak into burned meat as it is a no-frills grilling app perfect for everyone who loves BBQ.


 With these amazing BBQ apps, technology has made grilling a lot easier and a quick step to enjoy a perfect BBQ.


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