How to Clean Your Coffee Brewer

How to Clean Your Coffee Brewer?
Do you like making coffee at home? If you do, then you must be using a brewer. Following, we are going to
give you quick guidelines for how to clean your coffee brewer and assure its long-time span.
French Press
These carafes are made with glass or plastic. So, you need to be careful when handling them. You need to
remove the carafe portion of a brewer from French press handle frame before you start cleaning it. Clean the
carafe with soapy water or coffee cleaning solution.
Most French press models are dishwasher safe. But assure you check your model and its instruction before
you put it in the dishwasher. You must thoroughly clean the whole thing because it requires disassembly.
Mind the filter, frame, and bar. All three of them are held together with a screw. You have to turn it to
separate these parts. Once you have done it, you have to rinse every component and soak it in soapy water.
Now let them dry before you start reassembling them. Make sure you follow the instruction given on your
French Press’s box.
Baking Soda
You can also clean it with baking soda as well. Just mix some baking soda in water and clean as you would
with a detergent. Just soak and rinse your French press. You should know the narrow part will be a bit
challenging to clean.
You can use some sanitary brushes. Soak the brewer in the cleaning solution for 20-30 minutes and rinse a
few times. Just handle the whole thing carefully.
Electric Kettle
Be careful because there is too much electrical equipment. Just follow the maintenance and care instructions
provided in the box. When the mineral builds up inside the kettle, it will affect the temperature consistency
and slow down the heating process. To ensure optimum performance, you have descaled the kettle once the
mineral builds up piles.
Descaling Solution
You need to use a descaling solution like vinegar to clean it off. You should know that while vinegar is
effective, it might leave an unpleasant odor or taste behind.
Also, mind the fact that there are many electrical components inside the kettle. It’s not just the kettle base.
So, you should avoid putting the kettle in the dishwasher.
Pour-Over Brewer
Pour-Over Brewer is used to making excellent coffee at home. These are made of porcelain, ceramic and
glass. The drippers are easy to clean. Some models are dishwasher safe, make sure you follow the
instructions provided the box.
If you dripper needs a deeper clean, you have to soak in the container or skin full of cleaning solution and
leave the whole thing for about 20-30 minutes. Once done, you have to rinse it properly.
AeroPress Brewer
Thanks to the fact that these are made of plastic, you can use hot water and detergent to clean them
properly. The soap will bond to plastic with time. This will create residue in your coffee. You have to rinse the
brewer after each use and assure you soak it in soapy water every month for better cleaning.

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