Essential Tips to Improve You’re Cooking

Essential Tips to Improve You’re Cooking

Had I come across these helpful tips earlier in my days, I would be a better and great cook and if you are just starting out, read them carefully and in the end you will be a pro cook.

They say cooking is an art that you can learn, practice, and become a pro in it and so to support that saying here are tips to help you be a better cook.

  1. Make Cooking a Habit

First things first: This does not only apply to cooking but is also applicable to other things. If you want to become a good writer you must make writing a habit, if you want to become a better cook you must make it a habit. The more often you cook the more you become better.

If you eat food cooked by a chef you find it’s delicious and tasty then you ask yourself how they manage it- it’s simple, they have been doing it for long and so they get used to it. They spend most of their time cooking. The fact that they make the same dishes repeatedly makes them the best in what they do. The more repeatedly you practice cooking the more you will enhance your cooking skills such as sharpening your knife and getting your pans hot- these are things you will do throughout your lifetime of cooking.

Ask around and you will realize people who say they are not good cooks are those that do not cook often enough. If you want to improve your cooking skills greatly, start today and ensure you cook at least three times per week.

  1. Get The Right Tools For The Job

My grand mum used to tell me “my grandson, you cannot go to a war zone with the wrong fighting equipment, you will be defeated” – That was when we were going to the shamba and she realizes that I was not carrying a hoe.

The same applies to cooking since having the right tools can save you a lot of time and make you prepare a nice meal. This is particularly important when it comes to the chopping and sautéing.

  1. Keep The Knife Sharp

You need to have a knife and most often, professional cooks recommend beginners to start with a German knife and if you become a more advanced cook, you can use a Japanese knife.

Keep your knife sharp and steel. A sharp knife will get the cutting cores done much fast and hassle-free than a dull one. Remember, nothing slows your cooking than cutting with a dull knife. You could buy a handheld knife sharpener which is not that costly so that you can sharpen your knife effortlessly as you continue cooking- that is if you feel it’s getting dull.


  1. Organize Your Cooking Space

Having a well-organized prep space is not only going to make you a better cook but will also prevent you from the dangers associated with cooking. You should create a clutter-free cooking space with a good space for your cutting board and other things you might want to use when cooking.

Ensure you have a trash can nearby when you can dispose of carrot peels and other waste. But that will depend on the overall space of your kitchen.

The idea is to have a clutter-free cooking space, regardless of whether your kitchen is small or spacious.

  1. Be a Smart Shopper

Figure out this, you are in the middle of the cooking process then all of a sudden you remember that you do not have some important ingredients. This means you will have to stop the process and rush to the supermarket to buy them and by so doing you spend more time and energy cooking only one meal.

The best thing is to ensure you buy everything you will need in the kitchen. You can read the recipe to know what you will need so that you do not forget it when you are out shopping.

  1. Take Your Recipe With You While Cooking

A recipe is an important tool that is used even by the professional cooks. Before you start cooking, grab the recipe and read it carefully. Though you may see this act as wastage of time, it will help you in the long run and will save you more time in the end.

Oftentimes people try things out just to experiment. For instance, you will want to add more of something than it should be or skip something that you do not like. Buy if you want to be a better cook, you must read and follow the recipe.

Final Thoughts

It’s that easy. Simply follow the tips above and rest assured after some few months of trial and error, you will emerge the best cook you have never thought about.

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