Eating Healthy at Pizza Hut with Gift Cards: Exclusive Tips

Eating Healthy at Pizza Hut with Gift Cards: Exclusive Tips

Pizza Hut is famous for topping-laden and cheesy pizzas.

They use cheese and sauce to stuff the crusts. You can get everything from calzones and pasta to wings. Even with these temptations, it is possible to make smart choices.

There are numerous tips to enjoy pizza without disturbing your diet:

  • Fit ‘N Delicious or Thin ‘N Crispy crusts to decrease 40 grams of fat and 40 calories in each slice.
  • Pizza Hut offers home-style Tuscani pasta. These are large enough to satisfy your appetite. Loaded with meats, cream, and cheese, each portion of pasta is large enough and has over 500 calories, 30 grams of fat and over 1,000 mg of sodium.
  • Natural pizzas are prepared with high-quality ingredients. Remember, these pizzas are low in calories or fat over conventional lines.
  • Do you want to save 80 to 100 calories and fat in each slice? You will need a Fit ‘N Delicious line. This line uses low-calorie meats, such as ham and chicken and fresh vegetables.

If you are interested in eating something before a meal, select it carefully. Pair a pizza with fruit or salad at home.

Numerous safe appetizers are available at pizza hut, such as mild and hot wings without a dipping sauce, a breadstick or a cheese stick.

A single slice of Thin ‘N Crispy pizza is 12”. You can try it with cheese, mushrooms and pepperoni, pineapple and quartered ham, or different vegetables. Nutrition info of each pizza is available on the website of Pizza Hut.

Share your Feedback and Win Prizes

Do you want to give some recommendations to pizza hut?

Visit tellpizzahut com and voice your opinion. Remember, TellPizzaHut is an online portal to engage customers. You can share your suggestions, feedback, and complaints about Pizza Hut on this portal.

After becoming a part of their online survey, you will get gift cards and discount codes. You can earn cash prizes from $1,000 to $2,500. Pizza Hut needs your feedback to improve their services.

To become a part of sweepstake survey draw of Pizza Hut, you have to answer mandatory questions. This draw is open for the residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.K., and Honduras.

Participants should be almost 18 years old or above.

Requirements of TellPizzaHut Survey

To become a part of Pizza Hut survey, you have to fulfill various requirements.

You will need entry code to take a survey of Pizza Hut.

You can obtain this code in two ways:

  • After your recent visit to Pizza Hut restaurants, you must receive a survey code of pizza hut printed at the base of receipt.
  • You must have a TellPizzaHut survey code to order an online pizza from Pizza Hut. The code will be valid for almost 48 hours. If you failed to use this code within a particular time frame, this code would become invalid.
  • If your pizza hut receipt doesn’t have a survey code of TellPizzaHut, feel free to enter this survey with restaurant number of Pizza Hut.

Remember, legal residents of the USA can become a part of this survey. In numerous states, you have to pass a specific skill test. Fortunately, has a full list of rules and regulations to take this survey.

You can win exclusive prizes from Pizza Hut to enjoy yummy meals. Health-conscious people can get advantage of numerous healthy choices.

Useful Info for Survey

Before taking this survey, you have to double-check the date on email and receipt to ensure its validity.

Website of Pizza hut has both cookies and Java for its smooth running. If you don’t want to enable cooking, you have to add this survey website in the list of exclusions in the internet settings.

You can directly contact Pizza Hut to report any issue. Remember, your contact information will be safe. If you have any confusion, read their privacy policy. Everyone can win the survey reward to earn gift cards and discount coupons.

If you are lucky enough, you can win a gift card of $2,500. Fortunately, you can use this gift card in different stores of the United States. These gift cards allow you to buy healthy meals from Pizza Hut.


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