Double Inject Method

BBQSuperStars Research has come up with a new method of flavoring pork that works.  It entails a two day system contained in these videos.  Instilling flavor even with injection is real hard.  It seems no matter how much you inject it doesn’t seem to really get that flavor in there.  When the cooking process is done it still seems the flavor didn’t carry over strong enough.

You can make a thick back and baste but even when that is chopped into the meat is it enough.  This new procedure is enough.  Take you pork to the next level.  Subscribe to The BBQSuperStars Cooking Channel and see this new double injection method.  It will change your cook forever!

On BBQSuperStars we aren’t going to spend a whole lot of time calling what your doing a myth.  We are just going to show you a great way of cooking! I’m no practicing mind control.  I’m wanting to do the best research in the land in BBQ! matt:matt123 NO

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