Charcoal should I use?


What charcoal should I use?

Lump used to be the only way to go. Lump is a pure charcoal that has no chemicals or additive.  Royal Oak has won a lot of huge contest over the years.  Royal Oak Lump adds a certain flavor that no other charcoal just has.

Royal Oak Chef Select is a briquette that is totally awesome.  It burns a long time.  It comes in a 16 pound bag that is more streamline and smaller but the charcoal burns for a long time.

These charcoals like Matchlite and other easy starting charcoals with chemicals are a big no no.  The pure carbonated wood is what you need.  Royal Oak starts easy even though there are no chemicals in the charcoal.

BBQSuperStars doesn’t support Kingsford for the simple reason they are owned by a chemical company Clorox.  We have been a lot of competition where the cook got a card back saying they could taste lighter fluid in the food when they didn’t even bring any to the contest.charcoal

Royal Oak is the #1 charcoal in the World. Taste the difference get Royal Oak!

When you think about charcoal what you have to know is Oak is the Taste of Champions.   Using fruit wood charcoal is not going to put that flavor into the food.  Hickory can be too strong and mesquite also.  There is a maple charcoal that is good to finish a cook but not start a cook.  Oak is king in BBQ make no mistake.  There is only on charcoal with oak in its name! Royal Oak, Lump or Chef Select. Don’t settle for half the way get Royal Oak and taste the difference.

Royal Oak also has cooking woods by the pallet that is real good! 

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