Bite Through Skin

Bite Through Skin has always been a goal of BBQ Cooks every where. Restaurants, Catering Companies, Vendors have always done tricks to make that skin on that chicken Bite Through.

Bite Through Skin is magic when it comes to eating BBQ Chicken. What does it take to make that bite through skin? Mass produced Chicken you have to scrape the fat off and make the skin paper thin.  Organic chicken check the skin for feathers and cook away. Get the temperature up over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There is a new trend out there. Get Mass Produced Chicken and cook it at 375 F and the fat will render off and give you that bite through skin automatically. Not sure if that is true?  We’ll have to test it one day on the research set live on Television.

In Texas they have chicken halves and the skin has to be tender so when a judge puts a fork in it. It can easily put some meat on the fork.  Cooking a chicken half takes longer than smaller piece because of so many pieces to consider. 

Chicken has always been a great choice for large families.  The price of chicken along with pork and beef prices are on the rise.  What will be the choice of large family in the future will be a wonder to see.

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