Best Offset Smoker?

What is the #1 offset smoker in the world?

Tucker Cooker is #1 Offset Smoker in the world.  Its easy to clean, its a good medium weight.  It is very versatile.  You can access the whole cooking surface easily.  Cook breakfast in an easy fashion direct cooking, cook a 150 pound pig after breakfast.  You can cook everything between.Tucker Cookers

Jambo Pits – Holds heat extremely well.  Take very little wood.  Cost way to much its only for the Serious Pro BBQ Cook that is all. 

Lang Smokers – To heavy, hard to reach in, hard to clean, does produce a great product, will last a life time.  Weight cost a lot in gas to pull around.

Meadow Creek – Great weight, hard to reach into, hard to clean, produces a great product, will last a lifetime.  Its a great cooker, you have to reach into whole in the tank to get into it.  They have a patio model that is great, they have a chicken cooker that is second to none!

What charcoal should I use?

What is the best offset smoker?

What is the best way to light charcoal?

Should I use lighter fluid?

Should I use a rub?

Should I use Charcoal or Gas?

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