BBQ Pizza and The Toppings You Can Add For Ultimate Flavour

BBQ Pizza and The Toppings You Can Add For Ultimate Flavour


We all love pizza. If you’re looking for a delicious alternative to the traditional tomato sauce, barbecue pizza is the way to go. Since barbecue pizza is on a realm of its own, it does have a particular set of rules that it follows for maximum flavor.


In this article, we check out what makes a great barbecue pizza and the best toppings that you can mix and match to give that kick that you want. That smoky flavor is something to crave for, whether you’re preparing it at home or getting it from Omega Pizza & Wings.


Barbecue Pizza Deconstructed


The beauty of BBQ pizza is its trademark off-the-grill taste that’s reminiscent of a meal at a barbecue. It ditches the standard tomato sauce in favor of sweet, tangy, and savory barbecue sauce. It also switches out the meats to ones that you’ll use at the grill.


Usually, BBQ pizza has a base of barbecue sauce and chicken as the main protein. Some cheeses won’t do because of the saltiness, so that’s easily substituted with other cheeses, too, like Gouda. For non-meat toppings, going for peppers and onions is a good idea because it’s what you’ll find it skewered meat for taste.


The other great thing about BBQ pizza is the way that it can easily be paired with other meaty foods, like chicken wings, or real barbecue as well.


The rule is that if you can find it in your usual cookout, you can have it on your BBQ pizza!


Let’s take a closer look at the toppings that we can use for barbecue pizza.




There’s this rule that we’ve noticed with BBQ pizza, and it’s that chicken works well as the primary protein instead of your usual pepperoni. Why? This is because we’re more used to the chicken being on the grill and it’s a lighter choice than throwing a rack of ribs on top of the dough – although we’d love to try that.


You can never go wrong with using chicken as your first meat topping.



Barbecues always have some onions on them, and you can either use red or white depending on the spice that you’re trying to cultivate. We like onions because their nutty flavor goes well in bringing out the character of the meat.




It doesn’t matter if its green, red, or yellow, peppers will be able to add a layer of crunch to your barbecue pizza and some spice, too. If you’re looking to add some color to your dough, these are great things to have.




Mushrooms add a creamy taste that goes well when it mixes in with your barbecue sauce. They have a meaty texture, too, and this makes the food feel good in your mouth.




Even if you don’t think pineapple belongs on pizza, you should try it on a barbecue. Your pizza will benefit from the tanginess of the pineapple that intertwines with the salty, sweet savor of the barbecue sauce and chicken.


It almost gives it this sweet and sour appeal that you can’t go wrong with, if you ask us.




One thing that we liked about peppers is that they give your BBQ pizza that proper tang without overpowering it. They work just like pickles on a burger, offering that sour taste that goes well with the sweetness of the barbecue sauce.


If you can find spicier jalapenos, they’re great to add a new dimension to the flavor.


Hot Sauce


This is more of a pizza topping that you put after you get the pizza, but it should make the list, nevertheless. For people who like spice, nothing tastes better than adding a little heat to all that yummy meat. It doesn’t even have to be anything special; even plain old Tabasco will do.



You can add some mozzarella or blue cheese, and you can even experiment with Gouda, but the trick here is not to add too much saltiness to your BBQ pizza in general. Cheese allows the rest of the ingredients to properly bind with the pizza.


BBQ Sauce


Last but not least, we have what truly completes the toppings. You can ask for extra, and you can ask for less, but you can’t forego it. A BBQ sauce is the soul of barbecue pizza.




BBQ pizza is so versatile that you can even have it at your next barbecue, and there are so many great pairings if you’re getting tired of tomato-based pizza. This is the reason we love pizza so much, it’s just so adaptable to our tastes. guest:12most NO

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