Barbequing Fruit: Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

barbequingBarbequing Fruit: Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

7 out of 10 of American adults own a grill or smoker and love to light a barbeque. While many are grilling a selection of succulent meats there is a growing trend for barbequed fruit. This suits those who enjoy barbequing for health reasons, vegetarians and for anyone wanting to add some sweetness to their outdoor cooking.

Mighty Mango Skewers

Mangoes contain 20+ vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C to help your skin glow and antioxidant properties to fight cancer. Incorporating them into your barbeque is a great way to consume more of them to reap the health benefits they offer. Cutting mangoes into cubes and putting them onto skewers with some sweet onion and bell peppers make a great combination. Add some teriyaki sauce and cook on the barbeque for 2-3 minutes on each side and these will be ready to eat. These skewers are ideal for the 8 million vegetarians in the US, but are mouth wateringly delicious, so meat eaters will enjoy them too.

Prosciutto Peaches

Wrapping juicy peaches in prosciutto makes a scrumptious appetizer or side dish. To prepare, quarter your peaches and remove the stone and slice the prosciutto in half lengthways. Wrap the prosciutto around the peaches and hold it in place with a little oil. Place these on your barbeque grill and cook until each side is crispy, about 10 minutes. These are versatile and can be eaten as they are, in a salad or with a scoop of ice cream. Peaches offer many vitamins too, including potassium, which your body uses to aid digestion, reduce blood pressure and regulate your heart.

Barbequed Jerk Plantains

Plantains are a staple Caribbean food and with all the Caribbean islands being known for their love of barbeques this is fruit that has been tried and tested for being cooked this way. These are similar to a banana but a little less sweet and starchier, so they can be prepared as a sweet or savory dish. Jerk plantains are a savory side dish that go well with jerk chicken and rice. Start off by running a knife down the skin, being careful not to cut the flesh of the fruit and remove it. Slice lengthways in half and coat in a jerk sauce to give a real Caribbean taste. Put these on the grill for 4-6 minutes on each side, until you can see grill marks, and serve warm as a flavorful side dish.

Barbequed fruit is underrated and should always be including in any barbeque event, whether it’s a dessert at your 4th of July get together or a sweet starter on Father’s Day. The fruit will offer tons of vitamins and minerals that barbeques often leave out and will be a welcome addition that is fresh and flavorful. Once you try barbequed fruit it will become a staple every time you take to the outdoors for cooking.

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