A 7-Step Guide In Planning A Perfect Menu For Your Catering Business

A 7-Step Guide In Planning A Perfect Menu For Your Catering Business


A catering business is a good place to start if you have enough capital for a dining setup but not enough for a permanent restaurant setting. If there are many catering services in your locality then you can hugely benefit from a creative menu and delicious dishes. Having great options allows your clients to appreciate your food options and uniqueness.


Here’s a simple guide in planning your catering business’ perfect menu:


  1. Think about your concept


You can take your business to the next level with a consistent concept for your food menu. After all, it’s important to have that concept in place to make sure your food suits the vibe of your business in the most appropriate way. For example, if you plan to offer Indian food during special events, then you shouldn’t include sushi or any Japanese food.


However, if a particular dish not included in your food menu is high on demand among several people, you might need to reconsider your concept and more ideas to make your next catered event menu a big success.


  1. Consider the kind of service


Your food menu will depend upon the type of service your clients want to have at their event. Whether it’s buffet or plated, you need to plan out your dishes in a way that they suit to the kind of service you’re called for. For example, if your client wants a plated setup, you might need to be extra creative in preparing and plating your dishes.


If you’re looking to have all the logistics and details of your catering event properly planned out, you can refer to this guide for more information.


  1. Consider the availability of your resources


Your catering recipes should be something that appeals and impresses a larger pool of clients.  However, you need to understand that the type of food you cater will be limited due to the available resources at your disposal. For instance, you can come up with a perfect menu depending on the following:

  • Type of equipment you have in your kitchen
  • Availability of the ingredients
  • Skills of your staff members.


Take these factors into consideration to guide your choice of menu items and get the most out of your catering business.


  1. Factor in variety


This means you need to provide a variety of food menu that will assure your clients of different options. Offering a range of menu options, choices for people with food limitation, and multiple styles in food preparation will allow your clients to carefully pick from a variety of dishes served at an event. With an assortment of food in the table, every guest who falls in the buffet line will find the food that they like. 


  1. Consider the time in the kitchen


Some recipes require more preparation time. And when you prepare a large number of dishes ahead of time, you might need additional staff to make sure you serve the foods fresh. For example, if you incorporate some grilled dishes on your catering menu, then you might need an ample amount of time to grill everything perfectly.


Hence, it’s always best to consider everything from preparation, cooking, and plating times when planning a recipe. That way, you’ll find the one that fits your kitchen situation and time constraints.


  1. Allow customization


In most cases, caterers like you will always succeed when you give your clients the opportunity to decide which dishes you like to be served at the event. Provide them with the flexibility to choose the menu recipes that they love. That’s because people have different tastes and you want their event to be memorable and unique for your guests.


  1. Think about pricing


The concept of pricing is essential when starting up a catering business and planning out a perfect menu for any occasion. Since you’ll be catering to clients with different budget and other varying needs like guest count, you’ll also have to fix your pricing menu based on these factors. Be sure to iron out the pricing details before starting.




Remember that food menu has an essential role in making any party great and successful. And by considering the factors mentioned above, you can create the best catering menu options that will impress your clients. With this quick guide in place, you can also make every event extra special without feeling like something is missing.


So, before you start planning your food menu, review your clients’ preferences and ensure that the food ideas in your menu options suit their requirements in the best way.





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