Tasty Recipes That Will Make You Fully Commit Yourself to a Carnivore Diet

Tasty Recipes That Will Make You Fully Commit Yourself to a Carnivore Diet


There are a lot of health fads and diets in the market right now, that it is difficult to know which one works for you. The carnivore diet is one that many have subscribed to and allows consumers to not have to cut out meat. It is a simple diet to follow, and even simpler to cook and plan.


Basically, any meat from any animal forms the basis of the diet, usually in the form of steaks and fillets, and while other animal products such as eggs and butter are permitted, hardcore practitioners will avoid many dairy products. Carnivore Style provides a complete food list for carnivores that will help in learning what you can and cannot eat. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, and grains are all not allowed during this diet. With this in mind, here are some great recipes to get you started:

1.Burgers and Eggs

Burgers and Eggs don’t jump off the plate as a very common meal. In most cases, people eat burgers on a bun and topped with other ingredients. And eggs are usually paired with other proteins. However, this specific pairing works well, is easy to make, and provides you with more than enough protein. Drop the burger on the grill, and cook to your liking. Pan fry some eggs sunny side up, and when done, top the burger with it. This allows you to break the yolk on top, giving you a mixture of flavors.

2. Pulled Pork Omelet

Eggs will play a huge part in the carnivore diet, as it allows you a way to change it up from the constant eating of meat, adding different flavors to your meals. With a pulled pork omelet, you will need 1 cup of leftover pulled pork and 4 eggs. Beat the eggs in a bowl for later. Refry the pork to heat it up and remove it from the heat. Using the pan and the leftover juices, pour in your eggs. When the omelet begins to take share, spread your pork on top and then fold the omelet over. This omelet is good for 2 servings.


3. Hard-Boiled Eggs

When you are feeling hungry, but don’t want to cook up an entire meal, hard-boiled eggs are the perfect snack for the carnivore diet. In a small pot, boil water at medium to high heat. Once the water starts to boil, carefully place the eggs in the pot and cook for about 6 minutes. Remove from the water and enjoy with salt or garlic salt for added flavor

4. Steak And Shrimp

At this point in your diet, you might want to add some variety to the flavors without having to crack open any more eggs. If this is the case, steak and shrimp are a hearty meal that will give you all the flavors and nutrients but without the need for any poultry sidekicks. Peel your shrimp for the best results. Melt some butter and dip each shrimp in the sauce before wrapping them in aluminum foil. This will help the juices absorb into the shrimp for added flavor. Once your meats are grilled, top them off with more butter if you prefer.


Finding out which diet works for you is not always easy. The carnivore diet works for a lot of people and having the right recipes can be the jump start others need to make that adjustment.

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