How to Build a Campfire for Cooking

How to Build a Campfire for Cooking


Campfire cooking is not always easy, regardless of whether you are cooking for yourself or your family. However, building a good campfire for cooking is not just for men, and women can do it just as well. Here is our advice for constructing the perfect fire so that you can cook all of your favourite camping meals together.


Things to Consider Before You Build

You need to find the right kind of wood for your fire. It should be dry and seasoned, and the best way to go is with a campsite that will provide the wood for you. Don’t strip green wood as it will just create a smoky fire that is unsuitable for cooking.

If they are available, you should use a previously established fire pit for your campfire. If you need to make one yourself, however, ensure that it is constructed on bare mineral soil. This makes it easier to put out and helps to prevent scarring the earth.

Medium-strong wind is hazardous, and if there is no shelter available, you should never construct a campfire outside. Leave it until the winds have died down. Additionally, always make sure a good amount of water is at hand so that you can put the fire out quickly.


How to Build the Campfire

Now that the safety and awareness section is out of the way, we can get down to building that campfire, ready for your evening meal.


Step 1: Prepare the Site

Make sure your chosen site is at least eight feet from any bushes or easily burned plants. You should also ensure that there are no hanging branches over the site. Once that is done, you should create a U-shaped perimeter using green logs or large rocks. Bear in mind the logs will have to be wetted down regularly if you use them. At the rear of the structure, place a large, flat, rock that will act as a chimney to push the smoke out.



Step 2: Lay the Kindling

Fill the fire pit with tinder or crumpled paper, as this is quick to set alight. When you do place it, make sure it is layered on top of each other and not done in the style of a tepee. This provides an even cooking area as well as one that you can keep under control. Once this is done light the fire.



Step 3: Build the Fire and Grade the Coals

Once the kindling is burning, add the firewood. You should make sure that each chunk is roughly the same size so that it burns evenly, and it is also best to spread the wood equally over the firepit so that you get a good burn. Once the flames die down a little, leaving you with white coals, take a stick and distribute them like this:

  • Higher pile at the back
  • Medium pile in the middle
  • Low pile at the front

This gives you the option to choose low, medium, and high temperatures for cooking.



Step 4: Get Cooking

Now that everything is ready, place a grill on top of the fire. This will allow you to place food directly on it, as well as pots and pans if you fancy using those instead. You’re all ready to go and get cooking.



To Conclude

Nothing beats eating in the great outdoors, except maybe cooking in it. Spend some time getting in touch with yourself and your surroundings so that you can thoroughly enjoy every aspect of your camping trip. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to figure out how to build the perfect campfire for cooking.

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