Tucker Cooker

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Tucker Cooker is the #1 Offset in the World.

  • Less Weight
  • Ease of access to the cooking surface
  • Versatility (Direct Grill Rack moves up and down)
  • Dependability
  • Durable construction
  • Good for all types of events

Tucker was a body shop in the early days and the son of the owner wanted to cook BBQ. Memphis in May is right up the hill from Tucker Cookers Operations.  George Karcher has been competing at Memphis in May for a long time.  This year BBQSuperStars and George Karcher is hooking up to cook the best whole hog in the world.  With Royal Oak Chef Select we intend to field a team with Tucker Cooker that will place in the top of the competition. 


  • Perfect for Smoking, Barbecuing, or Grilling
  • Choose Direct or Indirect Heat
  • Use Wood or Charcoal
  • Adjustable Vents for Even Airflow
  • Adjustable Rack for Direct Cooking
  • Removable Tongue for ConvenienceTucker Grate

Tucker Cookers are built to last. If you buy a Tucker you’ll never have to buy again.  It will last as long as you live. The construction is guaranteed.  It has its own serial number and Date of Manufacturing DOM.  You can remove the axle and put it in a stationary built in position.  For your beside the pool applications of at your house in the back yard.


Tucker is ready for action

Tucker comes apart in a big way and is easy to clean! The racks and grate come off and are cleanable with a pressure hose. We love greased lightning to take off that cooking grime.  As you can see in the picture every part of the tucker is easily accessible.

Warmer Boxes are a great option on a Tucker. They offer a great space to put beans, ribs, chicken all your products so its all hot at serving time. $795

Tucker offers Chrome Handles through out. It accents the cooker beautifully when you on the road or at your tailgate. It will look the part of a class act cooker.


Tucker Size and Lengthspec1 spec2

If your a cook who loves to cook for your church or civic group tucker is for you. After the cook is over store it away easily in a small building. Haul it to your next event with your van, car, or pickup. Keep your food hot onsite without any problem. Cook steaks, chickens, butts without any problem and instill that flavor that all your friends will love with offset cooking that drives flavor into the meat. Cooking Woods

If your weekend warrior and you love to have friends over Tucker cranks up fast and cooks a long time. If you want to extend your cooking time get the fuse burn. Start it on one side and it will burn around those barriers set and extend your cook.  Make it last all night long.  You can effectively run a Tucker on charcoal.  Royal Oak Chef Select will cook at a high temperature as long as you want to cook.  If getting wood is a problem for you then use Royal Oak and buy chunks from Baxter’s Originals.

The Tucker Griddle is great for vegetables that fall through grates. You can cook breakfast on the griddle and eat big.  Its easy to use and great for family occasions.  If you use charcoal instead of your gas or electric in the house save money.  Nothing like an early morning cook on the patio before going to work.  It awakens the senses. 

 Buy a Tucker Cooker now on BBQSuperStars


When it comes to cooking Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel is what you want. Its about clean cooking with the best stuff.  Its easy to kill germs on surfaces when its stainless steel your working with.

tucker cooker

Tucker Cooker is perfect

Tucker Grate

 Buy a Tucker Cooker now on BBQSuperStars