Trimming Meat


BBQ always starts off with trimming your meat. When you decide to trim a piece of meat. Start off with a knife that will do the job. I’ve watched so many BBQ Competitors go at a tough piece of meat with a dull knife and it destroys the meat.

F. Dick has been good to me This sharpener has been good to me also.

Trimming your meat also starts with a trimming glove. Why cut your hands when you can protect them.

When taking membranes off the meat your opening up that meat to accepting flavor. When rub or marinade touches the meat it interacts with the meat to instill flavor.  If membranes are between the meat and rub or marinades no activity is taking place. 

Qwick Trim in the Picture is a great way to trim your meat fast

qtDo you need the fat? Beef fat doesn’t render off or melt off.  Beef fat will just jell and stay there. Pork fat will render off or melt off. Chicken fat will eventually render off but the chicken maybe burnt by then.  Trim off the excess fat off the top of the meat.  

Fat cap on pork is history. Its commonly done to take the fat cap off the Boston Butts and such. It will cut your cooking time in half though and you have to be aware of that.  I recently cooked a Pork Picnic and left the skin and fat on it.  It took 12 hours to cook. I cooked a Pork Picnic I took the skin and fat cap off of and it took 6 hours.  When you leave the skin and fat cap on the heat diffuses with the natural system the animal used.  

Scrape the skin of the chicken.  When you take the fat off the skin it will make your chicken taste better and cook faster.  Organic chicken doesn’t have the fat layer but it also has small pieces.  Its a little work but you’ll get good at it.  If your cooking a whole chicken don’t worry about this. It will come out in the end.


Trimming MeatIf your going to trim a piece of Beef keep in mind you need weight in your knife.  When you step up to beef a flimsy cheap aluminum knife will probably not do. You have to have steel with a little weight in the handle to plow through that meat.  When buying a knife make sure it has the set up to cut through it. A few dollars may help you years down the road with a tool your use to using.

What is the end result you want? When trimming a piece of meat imagine what the plate is going to look like.  You can trim a piece of meat and then shape it in the cooker.  While it is still raw you can move it around. What ever shape it is in when the heat hits it will freeze it.  If you can hold it in a preferred position you can make a dish and the meat as a center piece.

  • You can buy a less expensive piece of meat if you know how to trim it right.  If you bought a less expensive piece of meat and you expect it to be tough.
  •  Trimming it into small pieces and marinading in butter, olive oil, or an over night meat tenderizer may make it as good as that $3 a pound higher.  I seen a team take liver cut into small pieces put it in olive oil, butter and heavy seasoning. It was so good and a big winner.
  • Not just small pieces though, if you can get all the fat off the outside but leave the marbling, get rid of the membranes you have great start.
  • Cut it into portion sizes helps.  Cut before you cook makes more surface area for seasoning and faster cooking times plus easy to serve.

Trimming meat is the first step and one of the most important. We’ve got 2000 television shows on how to cook BBQ and everyone of them starts with trimming the meat first subscribe to The BBQSuperStars Cooking Channel and get your BBQ Cook to the next level.