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Top 100 BBQ House in South Carolina











Belly’s disappoints its customers only in that it is not a full fledged restaurant.  Their loyal fans, and they are legion, are looking forward to the day when Tom Shealy and his brother Richard turn their take-out operation into a full fledged eat-in.  They have added a couple of outside tables so when the weather is good there is at least that for their customers. They sort of make up for not being a full fledged restaurant by catering every day except Sunday.

Tom and Richard are not only good barbeque cooks but they also wins numerous trophies out on the cooking circuit for their “Anything But” cooking, which is that variety of food offerings that the cooking teams fix up and offer to the public on Friday night before the big barbeque on Saturday.

Some of our judges, and it is not a small number, think Belly’s has the best ribs in the state.  There are lots of competitors for that honor so getting so many votes from our several hundred judges really means something.  Plus, Belly’s is right in the middle of Lexington County and it has to be able to hold its own among the four other 100 mile barbeques that you will find in that barbeque rich county, a task which it is quite equal to.

They don’t have a sign out by the road and the take-out sits a bit back from the road but if they are not out on a catering job they park their truck by the road so you might see that first.  Regardless of the sign, do stop in, especially if you have a hunger for ribs.