Top 100 Pepper Jelly in the World

Top 100 Pepper Jelly in the World

  1. Texas Pepper Jelly

Directions for Making Pepper Jelly / Jalapeno Jelly

Yield: 5 jars (8 oz each)


  • 3/4 lb to 1 pound of cleaned Peppers seeds and stems removed (see step 1)
  • 6 cups sugar (or other sweeteners – see step 6)
  • 2 cups of 5% apple cider vinegar (if you don’t have any, use plain white 5% vinegar). OR, you may use an equivalent amount of lemon juice, instead.
  • 3 packets of dry pectin (or 3 pouches of liquid pectin) See this page for types of pectin and where to get it.
  • green food coloring (optional)


  • Jar funnel ($2 at mall kitchen stores and local “big box” stores, but it’s usually cheaper online from our affiliates)t, hardware stores, etc.)
  • Jar grabber (to pick up the hot jars)
  • At least 1 large pot
  • Large spoons and ladles
  • Ball jars (Publix, Kroger, other grocery stores and some “big box” stores carry them – about $7 per dozen 8 oz jars including the lids and rings)
  • 1 Water bath Canner (a huge pot to sanitize the jars after filling (about $30 to $35 – $30 at mall kitchen stores and local “big box” stores.  Note: we sell many sizes and types of canners for all types of stoves and needs – see canning supplies). Tomatoes are on the border between the high-acid fruits that can be preserved in a boiling-water bath and the low-acid fruits, vegetables  and meats that need pressure canning
  • One 6 – 8 quart pot or saucepan


Recipe and Directions

Step 1 – Selecting the peppers

The most important step!  You need peppers that are FRESH and crisp.  Limp, old peppers will make nasty tasting jalapeno jelly.  Guests will probably throw them at you. Select filled but tender, firm, crisp peppers. Remove and discard any soft, diseased, spotted and rusty pods. Select small peppers, preferably 1 inch to 1 and ¼-inch in diameter. Larger peppers are often too fibrous and tough.

You can use jalapeno, chili or any peppers you like!

Hot pepper caution: Wear plastic or rubber gloves and do not touch your face while handling or cutting hot peppers. If you do not wear gloves, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your face or eyes. Hot peppers can burn your eyes and skin – ever heard of pepper spray?

How many peppers and where to get them

You can grow your own, pick your own, or buy them at the grocery store. An average of 1 pound is needed per batch of 5 jars (8 oz each). For reference, a bushel of peppers weighs 25 pounds.

Step 2 – Prepare the jars and pressure canner

Wash the jars and lids

This is a good time to get the jars ready! The dishwasher is fine for the jars; especially if it has a “sanitize” cycle. Otherwise put the jars in boiling water for 10 minutes. I just put the lids in a small pot of almost boiling water for 5 minutes, and use the magnetic “lid lifter wand” (available from target, other big box stores, and often grocery stores; and available online – see this page) to pull them out.

Get the water bath canner heating up

Rinse out your canner, fill it with hot tap water and put it on the stove on low heat (for now) so it will be ready (but not boiled away) by the time you are ready for it later.

Step 3 -Wash the peppers!

I’m sure you can figure out how to rinse the peppers in plain cold or lukewarm water.





Step 4 – Remove stems and seeds

Cut off the stems (left) and scrape out the seeds.



Step 5 – Puree the peppers in a blender

Pop the peppers into a blender or food processor and puree them.  You may need to add 1 cup of the vinegar now to get the blender to work properly with them!







Step 6 – Measure out the sweetener

Depending upon which type of jelly you’re making (sugar, no-sugar, Stevia (but you will have to experiment with amount, each brand of Stevia is a different concetration), or Splenda, or a mix of sugar and Stevia (or Splenda) or fruit juice) you will need to use a different amount of sugar and type of pectin. The precise measurements are found in each and every box of pectin sold. It is easiest to use a no-sugar needed pectin, because you can always use as much sugar or sweetener as you want then.

NOTE: To get best results (a firm jelly) – I highly recommend using a no-sugar pectin AND sugar. Pomona pectin is particularly good for this