Top 100 Injections BBQ

Top 100 Injections BBQ BBQSuperStars Topm 100

  1. Injections
  2. Stubb’s Marinades
  3. Butcher BBQ 
  4. Talk Taxan BBQ
  5. Sweet Smoke Q
  6. Talk Taxan BBQ
  7. Victory Lane InjectionsBBQSuperStars Top 100 Seal of Excellence 1
  8. Butcher BBQ 
  9. Kosmos Injection
  10. Fab B injection
  11. Big Bob Gibson’s injection
  12. Creole Cajun Injection
  13. Big Ron’s Injections
  14. Smoke on Wheels BBQ Injection
  15. Grillin Magic
  16. BBQ Meat Injectors for Sale
  17. Pork Mafia Sweet Pink Injection
  18. Texas Gold
  19. Memphis Mud
  20. Oil Based Injection
  1. Top 100 Injections BBQ is a list of the BBQ injections available on the market. Injections have not been produces at a large scale yet in the world. I’m sure America would be the first place to industrialize this industry its done by private recipe mostly right now.

A piece of BBQ that has been injected just jumped right off the grill. Its already way ahead in the race of injections.  It instills flavor that the surface of the BBQ cannot add to a piece of BBQ.

Why Inject?


Electric Injector from Chop Power injector




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Injections add moisture, flavor, can tenderize with the right ingredients, and make a better result.  In order to inject you have to have a good injector. 

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Top 100 Injections BBQ


After 4 hours the injections have come to full mix

Top 100 Injections BBQ