The Horn

The Horn is a piece of the Boston Butt that has caught on.  The horn is found on the back of a Boston Butt if you consider the front the Money Muscle.Horn You can only get one horn out of a Boston Butt. Its a muscle that can be cooked with amazing bark on it.

Its just another piece to use when making a competition box or cooking an amazing cook with your family.

I did a video recently and exposed the horn excessively you have to take the membranes of it to allow the rub and smoke to interact with the meat. Horn These membranes will inhibit absorption of the flavoring agent and keep the smoke out. The whole challenge is how to get the membranes off without wasting a whole lot of meat.  

You have to have a sharp knife and you have to take your time.  Anyone can go in and butcher up a piece and leave nothing there to eat. Horn
Once you got the membranes off inject it with your favorite injection! For this I love Talk Texan Pork Injection. Put 1/2 a cup of Talk Texan into the 12 oz of Mango Nectar. Mix let it set over night then inject.

Rub down the horn after the injection process is done, I love to start off with Its Incredible by Heaven Made Products.  Then put mustard on it all over make it as yellow as you want. Then add Big T Swine Grind, Sucklebusters Texas Pecan and Butcher Honey Rub.

Coat everything down heavy. The more you get to stick on the more bark your going to have to chop into the pork when the Tailgate or Backyard party starts.

Then put the Butt with the horn exposed at 300 F. Its going to take a little less time to cook because the safety net of the membranes and other cuts of meat will not be there to protect it.  Cook till the internal temperature is 160 F and then wrap it and put some azue in it.

Some say if you put more injection in the azue it will make it to salty.  I say that is not true. A good base for the azue is your injection. I would add some apple juice here, some butter, some liquid smoke, and Dale’s Original.

The cook it till the internal temperature is 185 F.  You have already been through the stall by this point so it might not take long.  Why 185 F because the pork will not be broken down completely.  It will maintain its shape to make medallions. Horn
Just think about your family walking up to a pan that looks like this. The long ones are money muscles the short ones are horns.

After the internal temperature gets up to 185 F then take the butt out and open the foil and burp it. Let its set for 15 minutes to slow the cooking process so the pork won’t fall apart done. You want to maintain the shape of the horn or it will become pulled pork.

Then put the butt in the cambro for 15 minutes.  Take it out of the cambro and sauce the horn. Put it back in the smoker at 250 F for 10 minutes now take it out and get an electric knife.  The electric knife will cut the horn and not stand it apart.  It will make cuts just like those above.

Then set it on your favorite sauce on the cutting board roll it around and put it in the competition box!  Serve it to your family or tailgate crew.IMG_7200IMG_7183 IMG_7184

IMG_7158 IMG_7159