Tennessee BBQ Association

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The Championship of Champions 2014

Tennessee BBQ Association has 4 categories, garnish in the box, 30 minute turn ins, but also have great reporting.  Every score from every turn in is given to every team. You know who scored what when. Its the perfect combination for any sanctioning body. I can’t believe it. BBQSuperStars is shocked. TBA is for real!

The Tennessee BBQ Association holds a Championship of Champions for the teams who score in the top 5 in any of their contest. You can qualify for one of these contest if you are a TBA member and win a Grand in any other sanctioning body.  

The Tennessee BBQ Association also will sanction your contest and your fees will be a lot less. Its a four category contest with 30 minute turn ins.  The judging is done correct and in order. You won’t have to worry about scores being altered, your box being lost, scores being added up correctly affecting you over all standing. Its done correct.

Then your scores are reported to everyone. All scores are given back to all the teams. Every score in every category, category totals, and over scores for all teams are given back to the team. What more can they do. Its a great sanctioning body.

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