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Temperature Control

Temperature Control is the most import part of cooking BBQ. Pit Masters who are great BBQ Cooks know how to control their pit. Some BBQ Cooks like to cook low and slow, some hot and fast.

Does it matter if you know exactly what temperature you cook with?  Its said that some of the greatest BBQ cooks of all time didn’t even know what temperature he was cooking at. Obviously over 400 F on a Boston Butt for too long will burn it.  But what is the difference between 300 F and 400 F for an hour on the smoker. Probably a little.  If you are watching your meat 400 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour can generate better bark.  Temperatures of 200 to 225 are an all night-er, all day situation and may not produce as good of BBQ unless you just let it go for a long time. Anything over 400 F is dangerous because the flash point of most grease and oil is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Bad fires have happened a lot in smokers that have been used quite often.

Redi Check has got a probe for the inside of he cooker and for the inside of your meat. You can keep up with both no problem. 

Record your cook times The Champions keep a written record of cooking times.  The meat you buy has to be consistent so the records apply to the same situation.  That is where practice comes in but if you don’t write it down you’ll forget.  Some serious cooks put it in computers and update it every cook.

The lid of a Smoker can be 6 inches to 12 inches over the cooking surface. If the thermometer is in the top of the lid. The temperature you reading and the temperature at the grill grate can be 50-100 degrees different.  If the thermometer your reading says 225 degrees it is possible your cooking your meat at 275 F to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is a different set of conditions.

Low and Slow Range


Hot and Fast


What are the differences in finish results? You’d thing there would be great differences in results. Some Championship cooks say that hot and fast leaves short times so less can go wrong. Low and Slow cooks want to do as their fathers and try to make the same product.

I love hot and fast cooking. There are some great temperature devices out there on the market. Temperature Control is everything when cooking BBQ!

After you put the seasoning on a piece of BBQ, Injecting, Marinading, Rubbing, Trimming, its mostly time and temperature. How can you keep a Charcoal Cooker at the same Temperature? Its about air flow.  When the charcoal cools it needs more air. When the Charcoal get to hot it needs less air.  Knowing the Temperature is paramount.  Knowing the temperature inside you meat is important. When the optimal temperature is reached then we need pull the meat and let it rest in a Cambro. These tools are the only way to accomplish that.

Burping your BBQ

Maverick Pro Temp ProbeTemperature Control

Maverick makes some great devices. Maverick Redi Check

Maverick Redi Check Remote Smoker Thermometermaverick-redi-check-remote-smoker-thermometer-d-20130524161122123~269604


The Redi Check will give you the ability to walk away from your cooker and watch Television while you cook. It will not regulate your cooker but it will tell you what temperature it is. If you have a gravity flow cooker once you get the temperature regulated you can use Redi Check to watch it.

Once your meat is prepped its all time and temperature. If you can determine the correct time and temperature you will produce some great BBQ. Temperature is the second most import part of cooking BBQ. The first watching it and being attentive.

Thermoworks is more into the straight thermometer business. They give an accurate temperature real fast. Lots of BBQ Teams use Thermowork Redi Pens

 DigiQ is by BBQ Guru. Its the most revolutionary piece of temperature control equipment ever made.  There used on every charcoal burning cooking in America and it will control your temperature and tell you remotely how your cooker is doing. What is the championship combination so many teams are using? Gravity Flow Cookers with a BBQ Guru. Put it on a Weber, Bubba Grills, Stumps, Deep South, any cooker whose primary fuel is Charcoal and it will maintain your temperature evenly.

How does it do this. It has a small fan blower that will increase the amount of air that hits your burning charcoal when the temperature goes down. It will stop the air when the temperature goes up. It works! Teams with gravity flow smokers set the BBQ Guru and go to bed.  You can do this in your back yard!

Why would a back yard person need a BBQ Guru. If you purchased a Weber Smoky Mountain and had 4 butts on there. The Super Bowl is coming on and you want to watch the pregame shows. Sit in your living room watching the show with wifi on your phone telling you the temperature of your Weber every second. You can set a range and if it goes to low or too high it will alert you and you can go check it out. It is a beautiful system that works. Its proven every weekend in BBQ Competition the champions use it.


Temperature Control Temperature Control Temperature Control

Wondering what the temperature is at different levels of your grill.  Infrared will give you a temperature at any place in your grill. The dial may be off 25-50 degrees depending how far above the grate it is. This infrared will tell you exactly how hot it is! They are really inexpensive.