Stumps Smokers

Stumps Smokers


Stump’s Smokers

Stumps Smokers

Stumps Smokers was the first gravity flow smoker to hit the market. Stumps was the first to come out with the concept of cooking in an insulated environment at 1 pound of charcoal and hour no matter how big the chamber. Stumps largest models still use one pound of charcoal and hour just like the smallest unit.

Stumps Smokers came out with The Monster has a convection system that is able to keep the chamber perfectly the same temperature and move the heat around.stumps-baby

Stumps won more contest with his style cooker than any other gravity flow. Names like Bub-Ba-Q, Swamp Boys, Git R Smoked, have all won so many BBQ Contest on a Stumps Smoker.

What is the advantage of a Stumps Smoker? Great quality, even cooking temperature, the shoot of can hold up to 24 hours worth of Charcoal even more in some cases. With a BBQ Guru, Stumps can be monitored and run without watching it all the time.  The combination of Stumps Smokers and a BBQ Guru has become the standard at BBQ Contest.  People want to recreate that when Stumps perfected that years ago.

Stump Walter McDowell does cooking research 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  He never stops cooking. He is checking smoke flow, heat flow, and cooking effectiveness of Stumps Smokers every single day 365 days a year. He is making progress.  He is a cooker building genius.  Get a Stumps Smoker and get some peace of mind.

I love the cookers, I love Stump. I have never been around Stump without laughing the whole time. Why because he is a funniest and nicest guy in Georgia! Buy a Stumps just to get to know Stump! Ha Ha it would be a great thing to do!