Steaks have always been a highly sought  after cut of beef. Wagyu Steaks are said to be the best steaks in the world. They cost money but they can deliver the most tender, and best tasting in the industry.  Iowa Beef Packing has some of the best steaks in the world.

What does it take to cook a good steak?  Low and Slow cooking makes the beef get soft.  Reverse Searing as it were is very popular.Steaks  Reverse searing is where you cook a steak in the oven till soft then throw it on the grill and sear it. I love to cook a steak sear it first it then finish by wrapping it in tin foil with Dale’s in the tin foil. Cook the meat till falling apart done.  You can sauteed some onions in butter, with mushrooms, and Zarda in the Mushrooms.

Moore’s Marinade is a good choice. Cooking Steaks till they are falling apart done is the best steak in the world. I love to have that tender steak is great.  After you cook your steak for 2 hours at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Unwrap your your steak and put it on the grill for 3 minutes a side at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  The reverse sear will be like butter on a knife. That flavor from the sear will just make it paradise. 


That is the BBQSuperStars favorite way.  What is the standard way its done.  Crank up the heat to 700 degrees Fahrenheit cook it on each side for 1 minute.  Take it off red in the middle and cut away.



Some people will treat the outside of the steak with olive oil before they season it and cook it.  Letting your steak rest for a few minutes is a good way to allow all those juices to move back in to the inside of that steak.

Grill marks is a must when having company over. Grill Grates isn’t the only way to get those good grill marks on a steak. Smoke Mats are the way to go. They leave grill marks and they keep flare ups down. You can actually get them clean.

Grades of Wagyu Meat are important in picking a steak. There are 14 grades of Wagyu simply the best meat ever.  Beef Grades the more you pay the better the result well that maybe true.

An average steak handled correctly can be as good as any hundred dollar steak. Steak has to be seasoned like any other piece of meat.  Conventional wisdom says just put coarse salt, sea salt is all you put on a steak. You don’t want to kill the meat flavor. That to me is crazy.  We talk each other into things and scared to vary. Texas Oil Dust has some great stuff for steaks.Talk Texan has some great stuff for Steaks.

I seen a man put mustard on a steak and get a fork to tenderize it. It turned out great.  Be creative because the better you make the steak. The more your going to enjoy it.

The juices in a Steak are Blood. Yes they probably are because people are eating steak raw. You ever hear of the Naked King who wore invisible clothes and the little child said “Look the King is Naked” because everyone else was to scared to say it. Amazing BBQ Ribs The Dam Steak is Raw!! What are you doing? Would you eat a rack of ribs raw? How about a brisket. Why would you eat a steak raw.  I just did a television show on cooking your steak for 2 hours before you sear it, or 4 hours if it is big.  Cook your steak medium well is raw. Eat like you like it lots of people eat medium well its the #1 way it is cooked.  Just a little truth to think about.