Smokin Guns

Smokin Guns is the #1 competition rub in the world. 90 % of all BBQ Competition Cooks would not turn in a box without finishing the cook with Smokin Guns Hot double ground.  This is the mega mega.  I can’t believe he finally put them on here. 

Smokin Guns can be used all by itself.  It puts that magic flavor on BBQ that we all expect to find on BBQ.  The man who made Smokin Guns is in the video above.smokin guns He won the Jack Daniels once which is almost impossible to do unless you got someone on the inside.

If you a tailgater or backyard cook and you want the best combination to put on pork. Cimarron Doc’s followed by Smokin Guns Hot is a world wide winner.  Then finish it off before you serve it with Smokin Guns Hot double ground as a finishing rub is Hell Yeah!!!

Your are so luck to have the opportunity to buy this. Get it now and taste the difference.  It may have been a place that BBQ started but its the top of the Universe.