Organic Meat and Other Essential Ingredients For A BBQ

Organic Meat and Other Essential Ingredients For A BBQ



Weekends are always better when you have a BBQ party with friends. Nowadays, the number of health-conscious individuals is increasing, and they prefer organic food over natural selections. When having a BBQ dinner at your backyard, always prepare a wide variety of meat, mainly organic meat if you are on a healthy diet.


What is organic meat?


Organic meat comes from an animal that is well-taken care of. It is free from chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, and growth hormones that are usually present in non-organic meat. Organic animals are said to be happier and healthier because they are treated better than others. If you are on a healthy diet but want to eat meat, using organic meat is the best solution for your problem.


For you to prepare a delicious and mouthwatering feast, here are the essential ingredients you need for a BBQ:


  1. Barbecue Sauce


You can always make barbecue sauce from scratch, but to save time and money, a store-bought bottle is also okay. Here are some of the tips on how you can choose the best sauce:


  • Check the Ingredients – Reading the label is always vital especially if you, a friend, or relative have allergies to a particular component.
  • Know your Preference – Choosing the best barbecue sauce will only be possible if it compliments the meat you will be grilling. Make sure to select among the varieties of sauces from salty to spicy.


  1. Spices


If you are new to grilling, spices are needed to make your meat flavorful and savory. Once you have mastered cooking your favorite meat at your backyard, you can now create your signature seasoning that your friends and family will surely love. Listed below are the top spices needed for your BBQ:


  • Salt – It is the most basic yet critical spice of all. Salt intensifies the flavor of the food, but make sure not to put too much to avoid making your meat too salty. Choose among the different types of salt such as table or kosher salt.
  • Pepper – When there is salt, there is pepper. It is said to be the most essential spices of all time. You can add depth to the taste of your organic barbecue meat with just a pinch of this spice. You can choose among the different textures of pepper such as finely ground to whole, but their taste is just the same.
  • Dried Herbs – Some of the common herbs are rosemary, basil, cilantro, oregano, and parsley. Dried herbs are easier to rub onto your organic meats than their fresh form.
  • Chili Powder – If you want your meat to have a hint of heat, make sure to rub a chili powder or chili flakes on both sides. Usually, a little pinch of powder goes a long way.


  1. Apple Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar


Making your meat tender will be easier, especially pork, when you have an apple juice and apple cider vinegar in your kitchen. You can infuse these liquids into the meat before grilling for better-tenderized results.


  1. Condiments


Enhance the delectable taste of your grilled barbecue with various condiments available in the supermarket, and you can use them as dips or even toppings. They usually come in the form of spreads, sauce, and powder. The most used condiments are mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic sauce, hot sauce, mustard, and even your usual barbecue sauce. Condiments play a big role during barbecue parties. Make sure to include them on your grocery list.


  1. Side Dishes


Side dishes must be always present during a barbecue dinner with family and friends. No bbq party is complete without these yummy side dishes:


  • Potato Salad – It is one of the most prepared side dishes during barbecue parties. It contains grilled potatoes mixed with parsley, vinegar, mustard, and onion.
  • Coleslaw – If you want a side dish that is easy to make, coleslaw is always the best choice because it is just made of raw cabbage and mayonnaise mixed with other vegetables.
  • Macaroni and Cheese – Delicious when eaten on its own, macaroni and cheese fits well with a grilled barbecue. You can use a mixture of several kinds of cheese to create a more complex taste to complement your cooked meat.


Final Thoughts


Your personal preference always matters when it comes to choosing the essential ingredients to use for a BBQ. You can try out different flavors until you have tasted the best among the rest. Be prepared and show off your barbecue grilling skills. You will never disappoint a guest with these listed ingredients that you can use on a BBQ night.





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