Who makes the best offset smoker in the world?

Who makes the best offset smoker in the world?

I used to thinks a lot of companies.  But ease of cleaning, ease of use, weight, and access to the grates there is only one. Tucker Cooker.

Tucker was engineered for plus size and ease of access.  Leaning over into a tank that you can’t get to the center middle of both ends or the bottom tray to clean is not a good situation.  In a tank cooker you can’t get to the bottom of the tank.  Its in accessible, what is growing there? When the heat hits your meat all that is going to come alive again.  Heat activates everything.Whole Hog

It all comes apart. The top rack comes

out, the bottom charcoal rack comes out tadalafil fiable and the whole base is exposed to cleaning area.  The Tucker Cooker is the most awesome offset to ever be engineered.  You can buy a huge pan to cook breakfast


The griddle is big enough to feed large groups

, hamburgers, all your fried foods on.  You can buy a fuse system to make your burn go 24 hours.  You can buy a warmer box to hold food in.  You can by stainless steel bumpers, shelves, and get it any color you want.  Tucker has revolutionized the offset cooker.

Why is this important? For some reason smoke flavor is instilled in meat better by and offset than any other cooker you can buy.fuseburn_detail4  If smoking meat is in your heat Tucker is the only one you need to buy.  Put some heat in your meat buy a Tucker Cooker! Nothing cooks like a Tucker!



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