Hosting the Ultimate Alaskan Barbecue

Hosting the Ultimate Alaskan Barbecue

In a recent survey by QSR magazine it was found that 95% of Americans simply love a barbecue. It is all about the delicious tastes that come from the simplicity of cooking over fire. For a unique twist, how about hosting the ultimate Alaskan barbecue? It is a great way to celebrate the local produce there is in Alaska, from fresh fish, to delicious wild game. It is also a great excuse to get together with family and friends. You just need to decide what to cook

Wild Alaskan salmon

Nothing is quite like the unique taste of fresh, wild Alaskan salmon. This beautiful fish lends itself so well to barbecue cooking. When it is done perfectly, it will just melt in the mouth. It is also particularly good for taking on the flavors of marinades. A simple dark soy sauce and crushed red peppers is delicious, or alternatively, try a marinade made from honey and wholegrain mustard.

Grilled donuts

Everyone will love grilled donuts on the barbecue, they are a real crowd pleaser. Pick ones with a chocolate or jam filling, so that they become nice and oozy on the grill. When they are done, sprinkle your barbecued donut with cinnamon sugar. These work extremely well when served with traditional Eskimo ice-cream – a light, whipped treat that is a flavor sensation.

Using beer as a marinade

Alaska has some incredible beers that you can use for a marinade for steaks, ribs and chicken. Try using the Imperial Oatmeal Stout from the Alaskan Brewing Company as a marinade for beef. The deep, dark flavor compliments the meat perfectly. The Spruce IPA is a great choice to use as a marinade for pork. The beer is brewed using glacier water and fresh sitka spruce tips. It is a truly unique taste that you can only find in Alaska. The spruce will give your pork chops a different dimension and the beer marinade will ensure your meat is nice and tender.

Barbecued caribou

Caribou are a tough member of the deer family that are native to Alaska. The meat is dark, gamey and delicious. The ribs will need some slow cooking before you put them on the barbecue as they have a tendency to be tough. The effort is worth it though – the smoky taste is really unique. Caribou burgers are another great barbecue favourite, made from caribou steak mince. Serve them in some crusty bread, with a side order of pickles for a little acidity.

Reindeer links hot dogs

If you are having family over, then using reindeer links instead of hot dogs is a great barbecue idea. They always go down well with children, who will like constructing their own meal, including all the sides, such as crispy onions, grated cheese and mild mustard. These reindeer hot dogs are a great twist on street food and can be served anytime of the year. Just don’t mention Rudolph if it is near Christmas.

An Alaskan barbecue is a great way to celebrate some wonderful produce with family and friends. You can have a delicious feast – don’t forget the eskimo ice cream for dessert.

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