Best Tips for Grilling Fish

Best Tips for Grilling Fish

If you consider yourself a master of barbecuing, you know that grilling fish can be a challenge even for those who have plenty of experience with grills. Fish is delicate and requires more care than regular meat. However, the result is worth the effort and there is nothing as exquisite as perfectly grilled fish.

For those that are not fans of fish in general, it’s important to highlight the fact that fish is much better for our health than meat, in particular red meat. Grilled fish is one of the best foods you can choose for your health and also for living longer. Fish is a lean source of protein and a valuable source of Omega 6 fatty acids, which are essential for the brain and for the heart.

As far as what type of fish you should choose to grill, there’s nothing better than freshly caught fish. There’s nothing like packing your fishing gear, getting your open face reels ready and coming back home with some fresh fish. You’ll be way more excited to try some new grilling recipes with the fish you’ve caught yourself, instead of simply buying it at the grocery store.

The following tips will make grilling fish less intimidating and help you get excellent results.


Preparation Tips Before Grilling Fish

Fish is considered difficult to grill because it tends to stick to the grill easily and it can also dry out since it’s so delicate. If you want to get the best-grilled fish, you need to prepare the grill as well as the piece of fish.

Start off by preheating the grill. This step is very important because it helps the fish cook faster and it gives those nice-looking grill marks. After preheating, don’t forget to clean the grill. This is a step that many people skip, without knowing that it can cause your fish to stick. Use a special brush to remove all debris and leftovers from previous cooking.

As the grill heats up, it’s time to give it a coat of oil. Use a pair of tongs and a paper towel dipped in oil. Be careful not to cover the grill in oil, the idea is to just gently grease it. This will create a layer that effectively prevents fish and seafood from sticking.

Preheating and reaching the right temperature is also important in order to prevent the fish from sticking. Keep in mind that the temperature should be constant. Grill your fish at medium to high heat, making sure that the temperature stays approximately the same. Fish should also be properly brushed with a thin layer of oil, on both sides, and seasoned with salt and pepper.


Grilling Techniques for Fish

Fish can be grilled with the skin on or with skin off. We recommend keeping the skin on. The fish needs to be placed skin-side down on the grill, in order to sear that side first. Also, each piece of fish should sit diagonally to the grate slats. It’s advisable to cover the grill and allow for the skin side to brown. After no more than 4 minutes, depending on the type of fish, you should be able to lift each piece easily.

Next, with the help of spatulas, it’s time to move the fish with the flesh-side down. This part of the grilling process should last about 3 to 5 minutes. The total cooking time for fish should be around 8 minutes, depending on the thickness of each piece. Take the fish off the grill using a spatula and allow it to rest for 3 minutes, before serving. admin:pass *edit*

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