7 Best BBQ Party Ideas To Impress Your Friends

7 Best BBQ Party Ideas To Impress Your Friends


Summer is synonymous to BBQ parties. After all, who would want to cook in a sweltering hot kitchen when you can do it outdoors, by the yard or pool, all the while socializing with your friends. But throwing an epic BBQ party needs some careful consideration, from the food and drinks, activities to the nitty-gritty details like invitations and decors, all things need careful planning.


If you’d like to host a BBQ party that will impress your friends and get them excited on upcoming ones, here are the top ideas you can consider.


  1. Get Them Excited about the Invitation


The perfect party begins with an invitation. If you want to take it up a notch, make your invitations more eye-catching. You can send the group with a mass invitation, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive an actual invitation, complete with details and a way to RSVP? Thankfully, you can create them using templates you can find online and then customize them to give your invitations your unique personal touch.


  1. Set Out Refreshing Drinks


You’re hosting a party outdoors in summer and guests are bound to get thirsty at various points. Set out a table with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks (for friends who like to socialize but don’t want to drink), consisting of cold brew tea, lemonade, and fruit-infused water. Give a couple of options so that your friends can take their pick. Make sure to have glasses or paper cups on standby too. To make the party more fun, set out gift tags or stickers so that guests can write their names and know which glass is theirs. It’s also an excellent way to get to know other people’s names!


  1. Get the Place Decorated


Decors can make or break the ambiance of the party, and this is one thing you should think of in advance to avoid getting stressed. Fortunately, decorations don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. If you’re doing the party in the daytime, balloons and banners from the dollar store should set the vibe. But if it’s an evening event, bring out your fairy lights from last Christmas, candles to adorn your tables and solar lanterns to light up walkways. Of course, you also need to make the table impressive too, so get matching utensils, a beautiful table cloth and a centerpiece that will leave the guests gushing.




  1. Wow Them With Your Mains


What’s a BBQ party without food on the grill, right? Delicious food is always a remarkable way to impress guests so make sure that your mains are going to make an impact. Steaks, chicken barbecue sausages, pork ribs, burgers, and hot dogs are staples, but you can add more to the selection with vegetable skewers, grilled shrimps and corn.


  1. Where the Sides Are


If the mains are the bomb, you also want to make sure that your side dishes are going to be just as explosive. There are a couple of side dishes that you can offer to your guests, such as baked beans, mac and cheese, coleslaw, pasta salad, French fries, and potato salad. You can prepare a lot of these at least a day in advance, so that would be one task off your list. If you need to keep them cold during the party, you can fill up a kiddie pool with ice and let your side food sit there.


  1. Bring Out the Booze


Meat and beer go hand in hand, so make sure you have a steady supply of booze for your friends to enjoy. And instead of setting those bottles of beer on the table individually or inside a bucket, make it more remarkable by letting them chill in a wheelbarrow filled with ice.


  1. Games and Activities


Games make a party more fun, and your BBQ party should have a couple of games too. Frisbee and croquet are typical games you’ll see in a daytime BBQ party, but you can also add in a couple of other games like beer pongs, bean darts, and a scavenger hunt. If you’d instead enjoy a more relaxed but fun party, you can set out a karaoke competition or do an outdoors movie complete with a projector and bean bags.


Final Thoughts


Enjoying a BBQ party with your friends can be an excellent time to bond and reconnect with one another. It’s also a unique opportunity to chill and wind down on a Friday night or a weekend. You have some heavy responsibilities being the host of the party, but if you plan and execute it right, then you should have a memorable and stress-free BBQ party to cherish.


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