Shed Head Nation

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Get Fed at The Shed

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The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint is one of the best BBQ Joints to ever open. Its a lot of fun. Its and every night thing! Get Fed at the Shed and become a Shed Head! Its a lot of fun! 

What does it take to become a Shed Head? Vote above and get to The Shed and become one of the crowd. Buy some BBQ Sauce!

Welcome to the World of Great Barbeque with the Superb Sounds of Old School Blues and Ice-Cold Beer all wrapped up in a fun, Junkadelic atmosphere. The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint is a family owned business that caters to families; that’s why we’re known as A FamilyFoodDrinkery!

The Shed is an Experience, a destination to enjoy. ShedHeds bring their families, sit around the bonfires, hug their kids, and eat the best darn BBQ on the bayou (of course we’re the only BBQ on the bayou).

We don’t brag about how good our Que is we let the National Awards do that for us (check out our Awards page). Our meats are slow smoked daily by our PitMasters in our seasoned Wood Burning Pits. Our Sweet Southern Sauce is homemade by our Saucerers in Ocean Springs at our very own Saucery!

People come from all over to sit back at The Shed and have a mini-vacation. It’s that special!
Most things about The Shed are a little different than what you’re use to. When you drive up, your senses begin to take over. Smelling the aroma of the que, seeing the crazy atmosphere outside and then when you walk in the door you’ll probably look like a deer in the headlights.

There’s stuff hanging, Shed Philosophies posted all over, license plates, special ‘junk’ gifts our ShedHeds have given us, the Blues playing just a little bit louder than normal, our ShedRunners yelling out names and a bunch of extra friendly folks having a good time.

So take a look around our site and then get in your car and COME GET FED AT THE SHED!!

Shed Style - Interior Shot

Shed History

This is truly one of those inspiring “American Dream” stories of three hardworking, young people that are striving to accomplish their goals. More

Founders - Brett, Brooke & Brad Orrison


Brad Orrison, 24 and his Sister Brooke Lewis, 19 started The Shed on a shoestring budget without the shoestring but they made it happen! More

BBQ Competition Team

BBQ Competition Team

The Shed Competition Team has developed unique strategies in their approach to competitions that have landed them several World Championship Victories. More

The Shed Story

The Shed Story

Once there was a guy that spent most of his out-of-class time at Ole Miss scouting out, jumping in, and rummaging through dumpsters and street side garbage piles… More

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