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Royall Grills is a great design company that solves problems. The owner was solving a problem when he designed the Royall Pellet Line. They also make furnaces. The design to make this Royall Grills uses some of the same engineering.  They are made in America by this company and each one is made state of the art.  You get a pellet grill from China and it just won’t last like the Royall Grill.  A team borrowed one and took a Reserve Grand right out of the box. There are championship teams around the country that compete every week on a Royall Grills. Some out of Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, and California to name a few.

It holds temperature perfectly. It lights every time. No blow back into the pellet box.  Royall Grills thought about everything when they engineered these grills. 


Wood Pellet BBQ Grills By Royall

We take great pride in every wood pellet BBQ grill we produce, and stand behind every grill.

Wood Pellet BBQ Grills that can do it all, Smoke, Grill, and even Bake.

We cook with our own wood pellet BBQ grills on a daily basis, for ourselves, our company, even for our wood grill customers, this allows us to increase our research and development efforts and to produce the very best wood pellet grill available anywhere!

By providing the best wood pellet grill within the grilling industry, it has allowed us to withstand the test of time, delivering a quality wood pellet grill while creating smiles on our wood grill customers faces every single time.

Wood Pellet BBQ Grills that utilize the same quality technology that’s used in our traditional wood boilers and forced air units ensuring a quality line of wood pellet grills that are reliable, user friendly, and versatile.