Ribs Rubs Sauces

Ribs Rubs Sauce

Stubbs Rib Workout

Ribs Ribs Sauces

ribs rubs sauces

Ribs are the center piece of barbecue. Shiny, Sweet, Tangy sauces, sweet heat, and the right texture. Bite through ribs, with a clean bone.  Inject with pork injection, soak in Kosmo Pork Soak, and get it ready for the rub. The right rub will always make ribs the right color. Kosmo Q Dirty Bird has some great color. Butcher has a great system for Ribs as well as Sucklebusters. Sucklebusters has got a mind blowing set up! Check this video

Killer Hogs has the best color in the industry. Butter, Brown Sugar, Demerara, make the kind of flavor your family is going to love.  Its a 15 minute window to the best ribs. You have to catch the ribs at the best point to produce the best in the business.  You have 15 minutes to catch them at that point.

One cook did it 80 minutes first time in at 300 degrees, 60 minutes wrapped at 300 degrees, 30 minutes at 275 after first dip in BBQ Sauce, 30 minutes after second dip of BBQ Sauce. Then apply Pepper Jelly and serve. Put some honey on top.

They are best St Louis Style but Baby Backs are good too. Spare Ribs are herd to deal with because the bones are all over the place. St Louis organizes the rib bones so you can eat them with ease. If you go with the whole spare ribs all you get is bone in every bite

They have a lot more meat on them than you may think.  If this is the first time cooking ribs don’t over buy. The pounds will pile up quick.  A person can eat only eat so much meat. It fill you up quick because of substance that gives you a feeling of well being.


Don’t buy pans and cook your Butts in pans wrap them in tin foil in a boat type structure. If you use that it will force the flavoring agents in the foil directly up against the butts themselves. Double down on flavor. Make a Boat!

Pork Injection you need to add these ingredients to your injection, Mango is #1 in pork, #2 White Grape, #3 Blueberry, #4 Apple Juice in my book. Mix Apple and Mango, Blueberry and Mango, White Grape and Mango. Try any combination you want!