Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder

Its a mythical piece of meat. Champions have been made and lost with the pork shoulder. Its like the time of Michael Jordan years in the NBA.  When the same dominant cook won Memphis in May!

When trimming a shoulder you have to take the top layer off the shoulder. Membranes, and blood vessels  have all got to go. Squaring up a pork shoulder is a good thing to do. Take off the shin and fat off the back of the pork shoulder.

Take a shoulder that has been fully trimmed and start layering flavors.

  1.  After the trim put a layer of vinegar on the shoulder.  Then start to inject.
  2. Injection, Butcher Open Pit Injection, Mango Nectar, Peach Nectar, Apple Juice, Liquid Smoke, Dale’s Marinade.  1/2 cup Butchers to 2 cups of other juices.
  3. Inject in a 1 inch matrix all over the shoulder
  4. Cover the shoulder in white vinegar again.
  5. Cover the shoulder in Heaven Made Products Its incredible
  6. Put mustard all over the shoulder
  7. Then start to layer the rubs on, Sucklebusters Texas Pecan, Butcher Honey Rub,  Big T Swine Grind.
  8. Then put it in the smoker at 250 Degrees
  9. Cook it for 2 hours and Mop it. Just dab a little mopping sauce all over the shoulder.
  10. Mopping sauce, Stubb’s Mopping Sauce, Stubb’s Liquid Smoke, Dale’s , Paprika mix it all together and use a sauce mop.
  11. After 3 trips then wrap the Shoulder
  12. Do a Boat! It keeps the azue up against the meatIMG_7001 IMG_6998 Pork Shoulder pork shoulder pork shoulder

Pork Shoulder

After you wrap cook 6 hours and test for a internal temperature of  195 F.  Then put sauce on the bark parts and put it in for 15 minutes.

Then take it out and break it up. The bones are a test as to weather its done or not. You should cook 12 hours at 250 F.  You can cook it faster at 300 F but it can get dry and burnt if your not careful.

Bark is an auburn color from the Maillard Reaction.   Its not black and burnt.

Competition Pork Shoulder

Double InjectIMG_7025

  1. Trim it down to a competition set. Take off extra skin and meat till it looks like this over all shape.
  2. Then inject it with these ingredients.
  3. Inject in a 1 inch matrix  IMG_7035

Make sure there is injection across the whole shoulder on both sides. Butcher Open Pit Injection, Jumex Peach and Mango Nectar, Apple Juice, Dale’s Seasoning and Stubb’s liquid smoke

  1. Then make a brine out of these ingredients IMG_7034

Kosher Salt, Tone’s Garlic and Onion Powder, Dale’s Seasoning, Stubb’s Liquid Smoke, Demerara Sugar

Put the Shoulder into a 10 gallon Zip Lock Bag,IMG_6988
Leave it in there for 12-15 hours.

Then take it out and re-inject as of you haven’t injected before.  Fill it up as high as you can.

Now rub it down in this orderIMG_7036

  1. Vinegar coat
  2. Its Incredible by Heavenly Made Products
  3. Mustard
  4. Big T Swine Grind
  5. Sucklebusters Texas Pecan
  6. Butcher Honey Rub
  7. Spray the shank with Butter cooking Spray!

Then comes the basting sauce. Baste it every two hours a total of 3 times.

Basting Sauce comprised of

  1. Stubb’s Mopping Sauce
  2. Stubb’s Liquid Smoke
  3. Dale’s Seasoning
  4. Paprika 

Just touch the pork shoulder with the mop as to not disturb your rubs.

Then take it out and wrap it. If you don’t rub your barbeque it will not be tender.

IMG_7019 (1)
Use the Boat Method it keeps the Azue up on the meat.

Cook it for 6 hours at 250 F to make sure it is good and done.  Then take it out and put some BBQ Sauce of your choice on it put it back in for 5 minutes at 250 and set the glaze.  What you should have is the best BBQ you ever ate!

It worked out perfectly. The Injection and brine over night drove the flavor into the meat. It really changed the flavor inside the shoulder along with the second injection.  It is key to actually flavoring the meat.  The 3 rub combination of Heavenly Made Products “Its Incredible”, Big T Swine Grind, Sucklebusters Texas Pecan, and Butcher Honey Rub was a big winner.  We didn’t need any sauce but if you want to go that route.  Royal Oak Lump Charcoal is also key.  There are a lot of companies trying to match what Royal Oak is doing.  Its hard to top the best. Start with the best end with a good product.  The whole competition prep was a success!

Whenever your cooking always use Royal Oak Charcoal IMG_7023

Competition Pork Shoulder

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