Pork Loin

Pork Loin is a hard cut of meat to cook.  Pork Loin is “White Meat” in pork just like a boneless skinless Chicken Breast is in chicken.  The whole problem it dries out.

Georgia BBQ Association has made it a category in its championship and is a defining category.  What does it take to cook a great pork loin?

  1. Trim – most pork loins have a layer of fat over the back of it.  You have to remove the membranes so rubs and flavoring agents can interact with the meat.
  2. Inject – pork loins stain easy. If you inject with broth, Knorr bullion, they have coloring, Butcher Pork Injection doesn’t.  Always inject it. It adds moisture flavor and texture to the pork loin.
  3. Rub with a great Rub.  Pork Loin I love to use Sucklebuster Hog Waller. Use at least 3 rubs on a pork loin.
  4. Don’t rub any more than 15 minutes before you put your loin in the smoker it will cure on you quickly.
  5. Then put it in the smoker at 300 F
  6. This cook goes pretty fast. No more than an hour.  
  7. Don’t ever wrap a pork loin it will dry out and get hard.
  8. Check the internal temperature for 145 F you’ll have to play with this to see. That may seem low but when it rests it will cook the inside.  The problem is when it gets above 145 F it will start drying out and get hard.
  9. Take it out and put some sauce on it, a topping, coconut and pineapple mixed with confectioner sugar. Don’t leave it in for more than 10 minutes.
  10. Then take it out let it set or put it in the cambro for 10 minutes. Now slice and eat it.

Its the hardest piece to cook on a hog! Its the hardest piece to cook in pork period. It is what makes whole hogs so hard to cook.  It can be really good.  Dobey in the GBA is a great loin cook. I tasted his and I couldn’t hardly believe it.


Whole Bone in Pork Loin

Whole Bone In Pork Loin is a whole different character.  Its what has made cooking a whole hog so difficult.  We are going to do some tactics on this to keep it moist and tender. First we are not going to do a lot of trimming. Pork Loin

Let that fat cap add protection from drying out. Keep it intact. Its too long for smoker we should cut it in half right here.  Then we need to inject. Here I used a different injection.

Inject in a matrix again.Pork Loin  Try to get as much injection into the meat as you can.  Hold your finger over the whole if you need to the meat will actually heal and hold the injection in.


Pork LoinThen its time for the mustard. Mustard will make a color on this that will take your presentation through the roof.  It will help bind your rubs to the meat also.  Mustard is really with Pork.  It makes the best Maillard reaction of all time!  Presentation is only 25% of it not 50% of it.  If it taste fantastic people really won’t even care what it looks like withing reason.IMG_7294

Now its time for the rubs. Big T Swine Grind as a base rub. Then Sucklebusters Texas Pecan. Then Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning is a great combination Don’t be bashful put some on there. The more the better is what BBQSuperStars says. 

Lets put it in the smoker. To recap we injected, covered in Mustard, then rubbed with 3 rubs. Now lets put it in the smoker! 

Notice none of the pieces are touching.  Its slow smoking time at 250 F.  Cook it for an hour at a time to check it. Internal Temperature of 145 F its time to wrap it.  A boneless pork loin don’t wrap but this has Baby Back Ribs attached, Pork Tenderloin attached. you got to get it all done. Don’t cook over 250 F is the whole key. Really 225 F is a good temperature to cook this at!

It’s been 6 hours @250F its time to wrap! Here is a breakdown of the cook.


We cooked it for 2 more hours at 250 F to get that falling apart texture and man did we eat it up! It sure was good!