Ham Cook – Cook a Fresh Ham

Ham Cook

What does it take to cook a whole ham off a fresh hog? Its a lot of work.  Its a lot of fun. As always the first thing you have to start off with is a fresh quality ham.

  • Know your butcher.  How a hog is fed and handled determines how the meat comes out ready to cook. Vaughn Packing in Greer, SC is one of the best ever started.  Look for that quality that you would see at a fine butcher shop. Don’t settle for second best.  I love a Fresh Ham that is 20-25 pounds.
  • Trim the ham. I left the skin on the back and took as much off the front as I could.  The skin on the back will form a bowl and hold all that moisture in.  When you go to inject it will make a big difference.
  • Inject – take the Chop’s Power injector and put Butcher new Pre-Mix in it. 


  • Using the Chop’s Power Injector distribute as much Butcher Injection into the meat as possible. Check out the importance of injecting here!. Even though its a pre mix I would put Sprite in an equal amount as the pre mix and Agave Nectar 4 oz minimum.
  • Apply Rubs. Use at least 3 I used 4 here.  Base rub, two middle rubs and then a finishing rub.  Kosmo Q Dirty Bird base, Kosmo Q Cow Cover MR, Sucklebusters Hog Waller, Sucklebusters Gold Finishing Rub.
  • During the process rubs are going to run off. When you go to mop you want to have enough rub that will form a shell that won’t just rub off.  Let it set on the Ham for 15 minutes then put it in the cooker at 275 F
  • The Mop. I mixed 1 can of crushed pineapple into a food processor along with 1 small can of tomato paste, 16 ounce can of tomato sauce, 4 oz of Agave Nectar and 1 bottle of Stubbs Moppin Sauce
  • Let it cook for 2 hours and let the rub bind to the Ham. Then Start Mopping not in 2 hours but anytime after that you can put the mop on without removing the rub. 


  • Put the mop on thick as you can because it will cook and disappear.  Mop every  hour or two hours depending on how your heat is. When the mop looks dry and bound to the ham. Mop again.

  • Mop it at least 5-10 times during the cook. Add a little rub before your last mop.  There should be a layer of flavor on there that is second to none.

  • I have a little heat in my mop because of the Stubb’s Moppin Sauce. I want to offset that with a little sweet but also I want a little burnt bark look to it as some famous cooks are burning their BBQ up.
  • I cut the heat down at this point to 225 F and cooked it six hours till done.  Look at that Bark, Look at that Ham!


  • After the ham is falling apart done put it in the Cambro for at least 30 minute. Carry over cooking is the most important part of cooking a ham.  ham