Perfect Pulled Pork Butt Recipes Guide Better Pork Butt


Perfect Pulled Pork Butt Recipes Guide Better Pork Butt

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Its in the Mustard

Yellow Mustard has been used by Memphis BBQ Network cooks for decades. When you coat a Boston Butt, a whole hog inside, a shoulder or a rack of ribs it makes the rub stick better. I did a turkey for thanksgiving and coated down the outside of turkey and instead of the rub sliding off onto the cutting board it stayed on the turkey.  It is a great binding agent. The more important use is as a color creator on your meat.  Those golden brown, caramelized butts, ribs, whole hogs, now turkeys, are made by coating with mustard before applying the rub. This first butt is just rubbed. You can see how erratic the rub has balanced out on the butt.  There is some rub somewhere on it. If you were to chop this butt there just isn’t enough bark to add flavor to the whole amount of pork you just cooked. FullSizeRender (3) This butt may have been heavily injected and added flavor will come that way but your rub was wasted.

This second butt has got a lot of bark. If you were to chop this butt the bark will add a whole lot of extra flavor. If injected and rubbed with a base of yellow mustard. Your rub will not be wasted. Check out this video. Rubs are expensive.  I wondered why MBN cooks always win pork. Its in the mustard.  Next time you spend $50 on two Boston Butts and the Chinese cash in, make sure you rub them down with yellow mustard first and start it out right.

The second part of using yellow mustard is, you have to get the temperature up. You can see on these butts above yellow areas. If you want to avoid that start off your cook at 300-325 for 2 hours to melt the mustard into the bark and get rid of a yellow butt. If you go simply low and slow it will take a lot longer to get the yellow to sink in. I’d rather have a butt that looks like this below. The yellow tint is gone. 


Frenchs Mustard




Pulled Pork is really hard to flavor.  The outside shell of a Butt is easy to flavor but the inside of the Butt is hard to reach. Injection has been a tool to reach the inside of a Butt for flavoring. TalkTexanBBQ, Butcher BBQ, Kosmo Q are some of the top pork injection companies in the world. Jr Urias has suggested that brine may flavor the inside of a Butt as much as and injection.  What does it take to flavor a Butt through and through? Its a hard process.  

Brine is a great option. Check the outside of a Butt for bone fragments. Then mix up a pork brine. Kosmo Q has a pork soak. A 24 hour brine works good.  

Pork Brine

  1. Demenara Sugar 1 cup
  2. 1/4 cup Coarse Salts
  3. 3 teaspoons Sage
  4. Don’t use vinegar or acidic substances
  5. Use oil an salt as a brine
  6. 2 Gallons of water in a 3 gallon Pot
  7. One Expensive Pork Roast (I mean Boston Butt)
  8. refrigerate while brine-ing

  • Let it set in the brine for 8 hours at a competition
  • Let it set in the brine 24 hours for a backyard cook, tailgate, family gathering

After you brine your butt take it out and let it drain dry.

Get your your Butcher Pork Injection Shake it for 1 minute upside down.  Pour a half bottle of Butcher Pork Injection into a bottle with a lid you can shake the mixture. That is 8oz of Butcher. Then add 8 ox of White Grape juice then put in 8oz of Mango Juice. Mango juice can be found in the grocery store by the water and juices. It is in a 12 oz soda can usually. Shake for 20 seconds.  Olive Oil instead of apple juice or water base liquid. We are going to start using Olive Oil in our injections and see.

Get out your injector.  Small boar is okay.  Start a matrix across the Butt opposite the fat cap.  One inch between sites of injection in a perfect matrix across the Butt.  The bone in the back of the butt may get in the way just pull back. The bone will add a lot of flavor.

Inject the money muscle. Its a great piece of pork.  Then come in from both sides and inject in at least 5 places pulling back from the bone.  Kosmo Q says that putting a big pool in one place doesn’t really help. Pull the needle back as you push the load out of the injector. Jim Elser Sweet Smoke says “As long as it gets inside its going to help.”

After you inject some say wipe off the excess injection. I say leave it on there to make the rub cling better.  IMG_7393Then apply your rub. A Butt will hold about 2 cups.  With the brine and the injection you should start instilling some flavor. When you cook it for 30 minutes-1 hour it won’t accept any more injection so this is your window of infusion. As you see in the picture right here every separate muscle has a fat border around it you have to cross to flavor.

Rub the Butt down heavy with desired rub. The more the better. I seen NARD’s Backyard take a gallon size mixing bowl. Put a pound of rub in the bowl and set the Butt in it and completely cover the Butt with a half inch of rub. Now that is how you do it.

Put it on the cooker at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and cook it for two hours.  Some would say4 hours at 250 degrees. FullSizeRender (4) This is a time to generate bark on the Butt. Smoke only goes into the meat for 20 minutes some say. Some say and hour and smoke will go into the meat.  Its somewhere in between.  This is where you use, hickory, oak, pecan wood to put deep smoke on it.  After its to the right look its time to wrap. If fluid starts pooling on the butt its time to wrap. Here is another chance to put flavor inside the Butt.  If you add some more Butcher Injection into the wrap it will penetrate the meat more.  A coat of rub has to be added here that will help flavor the meat.

You can try to inject again.  Use mango, pineapple, and Butcher BBQ Injection mix.  Just use a little  maybe 4 or 5 places.

Cook in the wrap for 4- 6 more hours at 250-300 degrees.  Horn EncasedTake it out and let it rest in the Cambro for 30 minutes.  When you take it out and chop the pork wait till its time to eat it. Chopped pork that sets needs to be in the juice it was cooked in. Don’t throw away the juice. Hit the chopped or pulled port with a dose of rub right before you serve it. Chopped pork dries out whole butts don’t. 

Sauce on pork is magic but the pork has to have flavor before the sauce is added. Vinegar with red pepper, white sugar, and your favorite rub on a big plastic serving bottle is a great dowsing sauce. Hit it just before you wrap and before you hit it with rub. After you chop or pull hit it then put some rub on it.

We have hit this Butt 8 times and that is what it takes to flavor a Butt? I hope you now have some flavor inside the Butt. Horn Cross Section Smoke is a last step. Take the pulled or chopped pork and put it over some smoking wood in a Weber, Hot Box Grill of some direct grilling application that is smoking leave it on there for 5 minutes for extra smoke. Apple wood is good for this.


Talk Texan BBQ has got some World Championship Stuff. Phillip Lujan has been working on injections and rubs for years.  He uses 1/4 of a cup of injection to 3 cups of fluid! One Pound goes farther. It took second at the IBCA World Championships. Its looks good to just watch the video above its all out Perfect Pulled Pork!

Championship flavored Pork isn’t that what everyone wants well I got the system in the video above here. Kosmo Q has got DVD Classes your can buy and then the whole line of Soak, Injections, Rubs, Sauces and the know how to put it all together. Get “THE SYSTEM” its like Mcdonalds, all you got to do is do it!!

BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

Perfect Pulled Pork Butt I don’t know where your at Mud Bones but Come back and Let’s cook BBQ!

Pulled Pork Butt is the hardest thing to bring flavor too. Pork as a basic fact is almost impossible to flavor during the cooking process. Most of the flavor you put on has to be in high concentrations or it will seem to disappear into the pork. 

Recipe for Pork Injection

any one of the three above.


Strain the injection after preparation to get the grains of rub out if it.



Pork Mega Pack

BSN Pork Mega Pack is really good on Butts.







Butcher Power

Buy Butcher BBQ Pork has been #1 in pork in The Many Competition Bodies for years, people around the country are all using it and winning! Click here and buy it now!

Cooking a Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe

  1.  Perfect Pulled Pork Butt and Boston Butts Pick out a good quality Boston Butt. Compart Duroc is the best producer of quality Boston Butts in the country. They are consistent and set up to cook great. Excel has a great Butt and should be considered second place.   Smithfield is another good brand but is third to IBP, Excel. Swift, Compart Durac fall somewhere behind in this category. When picking a Boston Butt the Bigger the Better. Not an excessive fat cap but good marbling. Boston Butts come from the Shoulder of the pig and the draw is the highest yield of pork for loss in bones and trim. Bone in Boston Butts are always the best as the Bone adds flavor. That is now a myth. Rubs are so good now the bone pales in flavoring ability. Buy Costco Butts and save money.images
  2. Trimming the Butt is all about membranes. Leaving the Money Muscle in tact. There is a point about half way up the Butt where there is a break in the meat and its full of membranes.  Long as there is a membrane Rub is not going to contact the pork.
  3. Many cooks take half the fat cap off. Fired and Wired BBQ cut the butt in half leaving it attached at one end to increase the amount of surface area the rub will attach.
  4. I seen a cook just take about 1/3 inch all over the butt off including top, bottom sides, totally off the butt to just get rid of all the membranes off ever side but the money muscle side. Some cooks detach the money muscle except a small amount to give it more surface area to apply rub on more surface area on the money muscle. We have a huge research video coming out this weekend on this!
  5. After Trimming inject your Butt. There is actually a few injections you can buy Talk Texan Pork  out of Texas has a real good injection. Its a concentrate that has to be watered down. Butcher BBQ, Kosmo Q have industry setting injections that are used in Competition everyday.   Inject it will not taste as good without it. You can make an injection using your favorite rub in apple juice, 1/2 apple juice 1/2 pineapple juice with your rub in it. Some people inject from the side so they won’t punch holes in the top or bottom and make it leak the injection out. I’ve seen many competitors inject from the top and angle it to make sure they don’t punch a whole in the bottom.  Inject in a 1 inch matrix again. Hold your finger over the whole and the meat will heal a little and hold the injection in.
  6. New Research – Inject your Butt at home the day before you want to cook it. Then get some Butcher Injection, Talk Texan Hen Injection 1/2 cup, 1 gallon of water, 2 tbsp garlic powder, 2 tbsp onion powder, 1/2 cup demerara sugar, tsp of liquid smoke, tsp of Worcestershire sauce, put it in a 5 gallon zip lock bag and brine it all night.  Then bring it out the next morning and inject again.
  7. Once its injected rub it down. Some people coat the butt down with mustard (French’s Mustard). MBN Cooks mostly believe in that and its your judgement call. I don’t do it.  Start of with It’s Incredible Seasoning I seen a competitor just put the Butt down in a huge steel bowl about half full of rub and just rolled the Butt around. What a coat of rub. I couldn’t even see the Butt. That is a good coat but rolling the Butt around will make you lose some injection. The Butt wasn’t worked.  A good shaker is important. Its hard to get a good even coat unless you can sprinkle it evenly. The more you get to hang on there the better, then put it in a big Zip Lock Bag. You can roll it in Saran Wrap but those bags are great and you can buy that at Lowe’s.
  8. After a few hours in the cooler or in the refrigerator, over night is best but if you don’t have the time. Take the Butt out and let it come up to room Temperature. Then coat it with rub again before you put it on the smoker.  225 at 9pm at night for the next day at lunch is a good idea. Not wrap to start with you want the smoke to get to the Butt. Some people say that smoke only penetrates for 2 hours but it never hurts to leave it on for 4-6 hours before you take it out
  9. After 7 hours take out the Butt and lay down two layers of foil. It tends to leak less with two layers.  Make it big enough to make a bowl.  Pull up the four corners and make a bowl the Butts sets down into the middle of the foil bowl.
  10. Set the Butt down in the Center of the Foil Bowl and coat it again with Rub. You can use several rubs, Sucklebusters Pork Rub is a great one, Plow Boys have a great Rub   the magic is in what you pour into that foil bowl. Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice, Agave Nectar is big ingredient to be put into the foil. Why a foil bowl? It can be pushed up close to the Butt and the liquid will be in contact with the butt the whole time. Not just the bottom, the whole thing can be engulfed in the liquid.
  11. Cook it for another 4 hours in the foil at 300 degrees. Then take it out and burp it. Open the foil on one end and let it set on the counter  for 30 minutes. This will allow the juices go back into the Butt. Then put it in the Cambro until time to serve.
  12. The Horn. On the same end of the Butt as the bone there are two pieces of meat that can be pulled off in a horn shape.

    Perfect Pulled Pork

    The Horn off a Boston Butt

  13. Then take the Butts out of the foil and put sauce all over them and put them back into the cooker for 30 minutes. Then take them out and chop them up to eat. Take the money muscle off and make medallions out of them. I’ve got many videos of a pork box being made, make one to serve your family pork.
  14. What we are talking about here is a Time Line. Click the word and get an explanation.
  15. These are just generalities if you want to learn from the Pro’s go to BBQ Schools.  Subscribe to the BBQSuperStars Cooking Channel is how it all in real time on video’s don’t have to guess I’ll show you the whole thing.

I completely dis assembled a Boston Butt and took each part of the Butt apart. This a picture of the Horn. That is a piece on one side of the bone. I removed it and injected it as a separate piece. I already removed the money muscle.

Perfect Pulled Pork


There are two horns in a Boston Butt one on both sides of the bone.  These make beautiful pieces of a Pork Competition Box as you see above. By removing it out of the Butt and removing the membranes it is prime to create bark.  Here I’m injecting it with Sweet Smoke Q injection mixed with Blue Grape Juice.



This is the Second Horn located on the other side of the bone with the bone in this horn. Pulled PorkThere is a tube on the left side of this horn that I removed and left the rest in tact. Some say the bone adds flavor so this has the potential of being a better piece of pork than the one above.  I injected it with Sweet Smoke Q and Grape Juice Mix.  I cooked it without foil for 1 1/2 hours to create bark in the Fast Eddie PG 500 and finished it at 300 in the Drum Smoker from

Pulled Pork



This piece came out of the center top of the Boston Butt.  It could be considered a third horn.  It was a really great piece.  It was injected with Sweet Smoke Q and Grape Juice I put it in the PG 500 for 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees to create a bark on it. There were 9 pieces that came out of the Boston Butt that were major tubes or horns. There 4 more is cooked as an individual piece and put on the Drum Smoker from


Pulled PorkHere are all 9 major pieces. Starting on the Left front is a lion I got off the side of the Center Horn Piece (The Triangle). It was a great piece. Second is a tube I got off the money muscle. Third on the left is the Money Muscle. Fourth on the left is The best example of a horn piece with no bone. Last was a tube that came from behind the Money Muscle. Starting on the right front its the big center Horn. Next on the right is the Horn with a Bone in it. Last on the right is two tubes that were behind the Money Muscle.

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork

The two horns side by side one with a Bone in it one without



Pulled Pork

The Center Piece I’m calling the 3rd Horn

Here are the two money muscles that were taken off the Butt to start off with after cooking 1 1/2 hours at 350 to make a bark on it.  I went ahead and fried them as it seems the rules have changed and this is possible. 1233400_10200950761306089_1163468212_n

This is before I fried them in Butter to test out the theory that are flying around.

Here I’m frying the Money Muscles up!1239929_10200950762546120_634564043_n

The theory is sound. I could see a competitor cooking these to a good consistency and then frying them to finish them after they are cut to the right size.


Here is another picture of the Money Muscles.1235540_10200950762146110_1887607598_n


These money muscles are sporting some great bark from the PG 500 and are raw enough to be great for cutting into medallions.  The trick is to finish them after cutting them which solves cooking them first then cutting them. It takes some of the problem out of it.

After I got the Horns out of the PG 500 I wrapped them all and put butter, grape juice, brown sugar, and guava nectar on each piece and wrapped them all separate but the smaller tubes.

1236010_10200950765746200_2042827498_n 554534_10200950764946180_775191035_n Pork


Here is a picture of the money muscle in the box after frying it.




The finished products above in gallery laid out the cut up there is a lot of potential there.


All about Grills on BBQSuperStars

You have to wrap your butts to make Perfect Pulled Pork. I’ve done video after video after video where I cooked butts for 4 hours and pulled them off the cooker and laid down two layers of Tin Foil.

When you place your butt in the middle of the tin foil you have to make a bowl, around the butt and then pour in some liquid.

Many cooks use the 30 minute rule. They will only apply rub 30 minutes before they put the Butts on the Cooker as to preserve as much moisture as possible.

What to put in the bowl

Other things to add

Make a bowl with the bottom Tin Foil then cover the top with two more layers of tin foil and roll the in toward the center.

After you wrap your butts check them after 2 hours for temperature.

Gooseberry Patch - New Cookbooks!

Butts pulled at 185 are good for medallions made out of the Money Muscle and internal loins in the butt. There are 4 pork loins in the backsie of the butt opposite the money muscle. These loins stay in tact up to a temperature of 185 when your get to 190 or higher its hard to keep them from coming apart. These loins can be cleaned off and cut up into nice bites. It looks good in a box. Always use a Temperature Gage to temp your stuff.

Perfect Pulled Pork


When you get up to temperatures of 190 or higher the pork becomes pulled pork. The loins in the pork are going to fall apart.


BBQ Pork Boston Butts

Cambro – The only way to hold your Meat 

Perfect Pulled Pork

Perfect Pulled Pork for a Big Catering Job/Party

  1. When you have 10 cases or more of Boston Butts here is a way to cook them and do a good job.
  2. Get a case of Butts inject them and rub them down.
  3. I seen a big cater-er cook Butts without wrapping them you have to watch it close to make sure it doesn’t get over done and dried out.

Perfect Pulled Pork Butt

Pulled Pork Butt, Pulled Pork Butt, Pulled Pork Butt, Pulled Pork Butt, Pulled Pork Butt 

 The Money Muscle

The Money Muscle is easy to see but what is behind the piece you see. I went inside the money muscle for this segment on BBQSuperStars.

When I started to trim these 2 money muscles out of the Boston Butt the actual part that you see in the front is not really as big as the medallions you usually see in the box.577988_10201024618312468_2113346183_n  There are tubes behind the money muscle that fill out the rest of the medallion.  You can see the lines in the middle that are actually a few pieces put together.

The Money Muscle is really the front piece on the muscle tubes are on the back.  I took out the center loin and tried to take the eye out of the middle of the Boston Butt to see if it would make a better set of medallion for the competition Box.

The center lion of the Boston Butt held together better. It was a nice piece it held together better at a same length of cooking time. It was really temperature.


For the Brine:
For The Roast:
Brine the pork:

Combine 2 cups of the apple cider or juice with the salt, brown sugar, garlic, and thyme in a 3- to 4-quart saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat, stirring so the salt and sugar dissolve, about 3 minutes. Add the remaining apple cider or juice and cool to room temperature. Transfer to a large container or zip lock bag, add the pork, cover, and refrigerate for at least 8 hours and up to 18 hours.

Brine your pork

Pork Injection as a base with water is a great brine base.  Put 1/2 cup Butcher Pork Injection into a gallon of water per Butt. Add Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Kosher Salt,  Demerara  Sugar, Honey, and put in a Zip Lock Bag

Roast the pork:

Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 450°F. In a small bowl, mix the maple syrup, mustard, thyme, and pepper. Drain the pork and pat dry with paper towels. Brush the pork all over with the mustard mixture.

In a medium bowl, toss the fennel and apple with the oil, salt, and a few generous grinds of pepper. Scatter the mixture in the bottom of a large roasting pan (large enough to hold the pork with a couple of inches of space around the perimeter). Put the pork, fat side up, on top of the fennel and apples. Roast the pork until the crust just starts to brown, about 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 350°F and continue cooking until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the loin registers 145°F, 30 to 50 minutes more.

Let rest for 10 minutes and then thinly slice a quarter to a third of the pork. Serve, topped with the fennel, apple, and juices. Allow the remaining pork to cool to room temperature, wrap well with foil, and refrigerate for up to 5 days.

Serving Suggestions

Serve with Classic Roasted Potatoes and an Arugula & Fennel Salad.

nutrition information (per serving):
Size : based on 5.6-oz. serving; Calories (kcal): 570; Fat (g): 24; Fat Calories (kcal): 210; Saturated Fat (g): 8; Protein (g): 62; Monounsaturated Fat (g): 11; Carbohydrates (g): 25; Polyunsaturated Fat (g): 2; Sodium (mg): 1250; Cholesterol (mg): 170; Fiber (g): 3;


If you look at the gallery above you’ll see that the Money Muscle is not one muscle. Its really a strip on the front of two small loins or tubes as they call them on the BBQ Circuit. The Money Muscle with the tubes makes a great set of medallions but it is about sculpting not really about the muscle it self. You have to trim it round and to the size you want. Now the bigger it is the more you have to trim with but it still comes down to the cook shaping it and not just trimming the Money Muscle out of the Butt.

New Technology- Inject your Butt, set up a brine put the injected Butt into the brine for 8-24 hours then re-inject your Butt like you never injected it. The rub and put in the cooker!

New method of rubbing your butt!



Coat your Butt with Mustard before you start the process

Memphis BBQ Network has always been known for coating there pork down with mustard after they injected and before they put it on the cooker. I had to try it and see why they did this. Its a great bark creator. The bark that was produced and the flavor in the bark was second to none. 

The Mustard was able to produce a deep flavor in pork that is second to none.  Check out my latest pork prep video using mustard.

When Trimming Pork you have to have a sharp knife. Here is a sharpener I really love below! 

Marinaded  Pork Chops



Heat it up to boiling for 30 seconds then put 4 ice cubes in it and cool it down. Marinade your pork chops for 2-48 hours your choice. Inject then marinade then cook it in the marinade.  Just watch the Video


In this video I take the bone out of the Boston Butt. I seen where a major competitor takes his bone out of the Boston Butt so I wanted to try it on the Air.  It did good. It made it easier to inject. It seemed like it cooked better. Maybe at your next contest you aught to try it with taking the bone out.  I like to take as many external membranes off of the Butt as I can when I cook a Boston Butt.  The PG 500 did a great job on it!